Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Gag Week 5 Challenge

I know, I have once again neglected my blog. Phooey!! I'm super busy these days with getting ready to start a new job and cleaning my desk off. Plus I try to blog at Sparkpeople since that's where I track my calories. Then I just space about blogging here.

The GAG challenge is going well. I should be doing better that's for sure. But I'm at least losing little by little. For this week's challenge we are supposed to look over our goals and revamp them if necessary. Okay, to be honest, not sure I even CREATED goals?!!! So, now is the time to do that!!!!

Nutrition ~ This is a tricky one. I know that nutrition is 90% of the equation. I'm going to focus on eating clean. I will still track my calories, but honestly I'm going to focus more on eating clean.

Exercise ~ Back into strength. I'd like to really push forward and aim for some GREAT activity, including P90x as well as running and other cardio.

But to answer the GAG questions....

1. What goals should you revamp? ~ I'm going to focus MORE on eating clean (less carbs), I need to really do better on the weekends. More activity, more structure, and even a hobby would be smart!!!

2. What NEW Goals should you add? ~ Strength...P90X! I'd like to be 15lbs lighter..

3. What goals, just aren't working? ~ I don't think anything here. I mean, I'm still working hard with my running, and eating right... it's just hard.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Gag Week 1 Challenge

So, for week 1 we are supposed to create a Vision Board. I will be honest, I have NEVER done all my years of trying to lose weight. I didn't want to do it either. Well, a part of me did, and a part of me didn't. I didn't really think it would do much good. But you know what. I had fun doing it. I also finally took some before pictures. It's almost a week late...but there can't be that much of a change!!! They aren't pretty...and I'm actually showing my tummy area, which isn't even the most problematic area...that would be my butt!! No, I'm not showing you that. Maybe when it looks better I might show you those before pictures, but yeah uh...not a moment sooner!!!

My VISION BOARD!!! ~ To live healthy, eat right, be happy with ME (especially in a swimsuit! LOL!

"Before" 155.4'ish

Friday, October 1, 2010

GAG Starting Weight

So I decided to join the GAG challenge again. Last year it seemed to really help me, and this year I want a better outcome!! I should go back and see how much I lost, or where I started ... just for fun!!!

Silly me forgot to take pictures first thing, so by the time I did I had already ate breakfast and drank water. So, the picture is off...that just means my first week should be GREAT right?! LOL!!!

Anyway...hope to get some starting/before pictures...but no promises. My life is crazy these days. I do have some pretty HORRID before pictures that I took a few weeks ago, but I will never share with anyone! LOL!

So here's my GAG Starting Weight Picture!

Thursday, September 23, 2010


I really haven't fallen off the face of the earth. PROMISE. I've just been using Sparkpeople, and it seems easier to blog there. Maybe I should just start copying and pasting here too!!!

Things are actually going ok. I admit to taking my 6'ish month sabbatical. I have gained and lost the same 8lbs in 6 months. I guess I'll take that considering it could be a lot more gaining. The good news is that I am back on track. A light came on...and I'm ready to get my life in order and tackle the rest of this weight...for good!!

I'd also like to note that my husband and I have decided to try and work things out. It's been a long 6 months, LONG 6 months. Lots of crying in there. And I am happy that he wants to do this, and he suggested counseling. So, we are doing it. Who knows how it will all turn out... It will either close the door completely, or open a new one for us. Whatever it brings, I will be ready. The divorce has been put on hold to see where this might lead.

So, that's that!!! Sorry I've been MIA for so long! But I'll try to do better and if I blog at Sparkpeople, I'll just copy it here! That's my plan!!!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

August 2010 Goals!

It's time...I've abandoned my good ole blog for too long, and I'm back. I want my LIFE BACK... with that means creating time for me. And GOOD time. Not wasteful time. I want to feel good about myself again, and not frumpy and fat. So...I need August goals.

*Side Note* So of you may or may not know my husband left me March 4, 2010. It was the day after our 2 wedding anniversary. Yes he was having an affair...Yes, it CRUSHED me...Yes I lost a piece of myself...Yes I totally went off track...and YES I'm finding myself again. Today even I'm finding myself. A new self...a BETTER self!!! We are still friends, and yes I still have deep feelings towards the end of my marriage. I try to date...but I'll be honest, it's TOUGH. Nothing too serious...that's for certain!!!! "the first cut is the deepest..."

My goals for August are easy peasy, but should help me get back on track!
~ Journal 6 out of 7 days/week
~ Exercise 30 mins 5x/week
~ Drink at least 64oz of h20/day

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

LHAS Challenge Week 7 Check In

Time is so wasting away, and my middle isn't. I'm letting my crazyness of my life get in the way of what I truly want and I'm so tired of it. I pledge that this week will be MYSELF!!!!

My life is crazy busy with work and with home life, so I just haven't found time to get in here and put up any blogs. I barely have time to do this one measly weekly one! Forgive me y'all.

So today's weigh in.... 157. A gain of .4 from last week. Blah.

0 minutes of exercise too.

Hmmm...could no exercise + eating like crap = a gain in weigh in? Most definitely Mandie!!! Next week shall be better!

Here are my 4 goals for the challenge.

2. Drink my water on the weekends!
4. Get to my workout classes at the gym!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

LHAS Challenge Week 6 Check In

What a terrible week y'all. Just when I think my life is headed on a straight path, there is a detour. On 2 separate occasions, in less than one week, comments were made about my weight. Granted, they aren't coming from the best of people...but it still hurt nonetheless. You know what follows right? Instead of being mad and working my butt off to show these people, I emotional ate, and ate, and ate. I deserved the gain I received...and I'm mad at myself or letting these pathetic miserable people win...

156.6 +2.2lbs. I also was miserable enough I didn't workout one day. How about them apples?!!!

What have I learned from this experience? Well...what they say or think of me really doesn't matter. Yes, it hurts to hear someone say things about you. Especially when you've worked really hard to make changes. Alright even harder that you have poor self image and then this ADDS to it big time. But you know what...I realize these people are miserable and truthfully just want me to feel miserable too. It worked...for a little bit. But I'm over it. It has to be ME that is happy with myself and my body. And if I'm eating poorly, not working out, I know I will feel miserable...not only that but I will start to look that way too.

So, yeah, today is a new day...another new one. I have a good attitude and I'm giving it my full effort this week. I want to be pleasantly surprised how good it feels...because I know I will feel better if I'm actively TRYING.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

LHAS Challenge Week 5 Check In

So I had to miss Week 4's check in last week. I was tending to a sick child at home, and had no internet access to check in. Another week has already flown by, and it is time to check in AGAIN. These weeks are really going by quick!!!!

I have a nice maintain this week. It's an actual loss, because last week I had a slight gain. So I'll take the little loss/maintain I got this week.

154.4 +/- 0

101 mins exercised total. Not nearly what I need!!!

Side note, I had to cancel with WW. It's not because I wanted to, but because I financially needed to. I have a lot of things going on now that I have to worry about and with the divorce, I just can't afford it. So, that's that for now!!!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

LHAS Challenge Week 3 Check In

Another week has gone by. Thankfully, this week I've done better. I wouldn't say perfect by any means...but definitely better! That's the key right?!!!

My life is still hectic and crazy, and "dramafied", so you'll have to forgive me for not much of an update, and no updates during the week. It's just so much to handle right now. So, if you are a reader, I appreciate your patience with me :)

So, here's my stats.... lost 2lbs YIPPIE!! Putting me at 154.4. Nice :)

And I upped my activity minutes to 180 Mins! On my way :)

Starting June 1st my plan is to restart P90x. I want to see results. TONING. I need it. It's a killer workout, and intense for 90 days...but I really need something. Another friend is doing it the two of us should be able to tackle this!!!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

LHAS Challenge Week 2 Check In

Well, week 2 has come and gone. When will my life ever settle so I can get my stuff in gear? Seriously!!! I found myself at lunch instead of going to workout, sitting with my coworkers at the lunch table. This is not a good thing. Yes, the conversation was/is...but I find myself hungry and off track. Not to mention I'm missing the exercise my body needs!! ARGH!!!!

Needless to say, I got a whopping 75 mins of exercise Week 2. Blah! I know, better than nothing, but practically that is nothing. But, I'm over it...and I'm gonna focus on this week now.

I also will report a big fat maintain. Yep...I'm lucky to have that. I ate so many pieces of cake from the boys birthday party on Sunday. I just didn't care. I was so wore and stressed from it, I wanted and loved it! Terrible I know. 156.4

But don't worry, I'm okay. I truly am. I know what I want...and I honestly know what I have to do to get it, and I want this week to reflect that. I have something to do on Saturday that may cause some friction, but if I can get a good workout in in the morning before going out, then I will feel good.

Here's to a better week!!! Hope all my LHAS challengers are doing better than me!!!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

LHAS Challenge Week 1 Check In

Well, I started off dynamic, and fizzled into nothing. Blah! I hate that. But, it has helped motivate me for making some changes this next week. I have to if I want to get anywhere. I can't be so passive, that's for sure. If I really want this, I have to grab it and DO IT!

My week actually started off great. And then the weekend happened. It was a weekend spent at a kickbutt Pearl Jam concert on Friday which spiraled to me slipping up the rest of the weekend plus.

And then I find myself feeling horrible about it. Horrible about how I look...honestly HORRIBLE about this. My stomach was sour. I was a mess. I'm not feeling MUCH better...but I'll get with it.

So, I had a gain on the good ole work scale this morning. Up to 156.4. Deserved it. Oh, and I have heavier clothes on today too...I know that contributes to SOME of it...but not nearly all. I deserved it like I said. From the partying on Friday night, to the cake I was shoveling in for my sons' b-day, yeah, I deserved it.

I also SUCKED with my workouts/activity last week. I worked out what...2 days. Jeez! Gonna have to step it up a notch!!!

So...that's how week 1 of the LHAS went for me. PHOOEY!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

I love the kitchen!

With yesterday being Cinco De Mayo, and me LOVING Mexican food, I made tacos and Spanish rice. I also stopped at my local restaurant (favorite place ever to eat by the way!) and picked up some chips and salsa (and cheese for the kiddos). Dinner rocked if I do say so myself. Not just the food itself, but the fact that I'm actually cooking again. With the split I literally couldn't even bring myself into the kitchen to do anything. I associated it with being happy and being a family. That was shattered. I didn't have an appetite, and I couldn't focus or concentrate. So the boys and I ate out quite a bit (not fast food, but let's just say the Mexican restaurant recognizes us these days), we ate with friends and family, and the tiny bit I did cook was like grilled cheese. Non-thinkable meals. Yeah, it feels good getting back in the swing of what I love - cooking for me and my boys.

After visiting with my new babysitter, the boys and I read books, said our prayers and kissed goodnight. Finally, MOMMY time!

Let me admit (again) that I have totally been slacking on my "life". Meaning eating right and working out. Don't ask how that happened, it just did. In the time of my life when I needed it...I slipped. I keep reminding myself though that I've picked myself up, brushed off the dirt and am keeping on. So, with the help of the LHAS in the back of my mind I popped in TaeBo. Sweated good for oh 20'ish mins, but that didn't feel like enough, so I then decided to kill myself and put the Shred in. Uh yeah, maybe that wasn't smart?! LOL! But I did it...smiling the whole time. And honestly I pushed myself SO hard! I want my body back...I need control of my life, and this is the ONE thing I can totally control. So, I got in about 45'ish mins of working out! YAY! Today I'm going to the gym to do my favorite group exercise class - Step. I am excited.

Excited for getting my life back...seeing Mandie again has made me smile, and others around me too!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

And the challenge starts!

* I'd like to note that I didn't notice this at first, but this post marks the 100th post of my blog! WOWOW!! I think that's pretty exciting. Should've given away something? But I didn't...maybe at a later time I'll do something*

HIya! I'm so pumped and ready for this LHAS challenge you all have no clue. Let me first say that I came kicking and screaming. Had it not been for my buddy Heather, I WOULD NOT be doing this. Seriously. So I do give her a HUGE HUG for pushing. And wouldn't you know it, I'm actually excited about doing it. I know that it's going to help me get over the hump.

Yesterday was a turning point for me. I know, Tuesday..isn't that weird. Usually it's like Sunday night, or even Monday morning...but for was a Tuesday. I know my WW meeting had to do with that, as well as actually signing up for this challenge. At WW yesterday my leader said these 3 things.

Desire - Yes, we ALL have the desire to lose the weight and be healthy and yeah, LOOK GOOD
Discipline - Uh...what? This is what I have been totally struggling with...but not anymore!
DELIGHT - I know that by actually having the discipline is going to create this...and I WANT it!!!!

That set the mood right there. I left my meeting feeling empowered and ready!!! And then I signed up for the challenge. Doing so made me take a look at what I've been lacking. Yeah, exercise. And why??? I mean, when I exercise I LOVE how I look and feel. Actually the feeling can not be beat, and when I talk to people about it (non-exercisers) they think I'm nuts. LOL! I know that feeling too. But seriously, the endorphins it creates, and the high I get from feeling muscle is unbeatable.

I then sat down and watched the oh, last half of Biggest Loser last night. I haven't seen it in weeks. I was surprised at how much these contestants had changed. And yeah, I saw them working out and it made me want to!!! I'm actually EXCITED to start again. Weird!!!

It was said on the show "celebrate the small victories". I've not been doing that. Instead I've been looking at the whole picture, and not seeing ANY victories. I'm seeing all these failures. So last night I celebrated NOT eating cookie dough. :) Hey, it's a start people...give me a break! And I admit, I REALLY wanted to. But I kept thinking about the DESIRE + DISCIPLINE = DELIGHT...and how I needed the discipline. And then that created a small victory for me! YAY!!!! I'm officially on my way.

Okay, lots of gibber there...forgive me.....can you tell it's been awhile since the wheels were turning?! LOL!

My goal for the challenge is to get CLOSE to goal, if not there. I know...kinda steep, but I need that discipline. I have 16 weeks...and even at 1lb/week that puts me at 138.6, soooo stinking close to goal (130). So I'm going to try REALLY hard. 16lbs is my goal :)

Today I had to take a picture of me weighing in. I did it at work, since I've banned the scales at home (they are actually at work!). And I went into the Ladies restroom to take a picture. So ya'll ready? I'm not! LOL!

Scale shot - 154.6

And oh Lordy....full body pictures (sorry they are just in my work outfit)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My Long Hot Active Summer Challenge!

That's right folks, I've come out again to play...and stay. Forgive me again for my absense. Life got crazy, Mandie needed to heal, grow, and move on... and so that brings me to now. I'm doing well, and learning to live life for Mandie again.

ANYWAY, the fun stuff. I'm hoping I can still join in on this challenge I need to...I've slacked with exercise for about 3 weeks now. And honestly, if you all are KNOW what 3 weeks of no activity does to your body! WOW! I can't believe how flabby I've gotten. It's nasty!!! So, I need this challenge. If it's too late to join, I'll still play along.

Here's my goal.

1) Workout 5 days/week (gosh, this is scary to even say again!!)
2) A total of 5,000 minutes. GULP!!

Yes, saying those 2 things really do scare me. BUT, I really need the kick in the butt for me to get back on track!!!! I'm also hoping this helps get my weightloss rolling the way it should be, and would rock if it would help me get to goal! Or at least feel better about the way my body looks!!!

So, there ya go! I'll be back tomorrow with pictures and what not! And I hope to be on here more faithfully. If I go MIA...someone please come after me!!! ;)

Oh, and today was weigh in, and I lost 1.7lbs this week, and I'm at 156.8. Nice number...but I'm tired of teeter-tottering! Moving forward!

Weekly goals:

2) Not go in the red
3) Exercise 3 days (more??)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Weekly Weigh in

Well, this past week my appetite came back. I'm not for certain that is a good thing! Haha! No, seriously, I know it's a good thing, but I went crazy with food. Let's just say that cookie dough and batter are my DOWNFALLS. Well, I had ordered cookie dough from my nephew, and it came in this week. Guess who was found eating it by the spoonful. GULP! my friends! It came to work with me this morning, and is now going home with a coworker! NO MORE COOKIE DOUGH! I've been struggling on deciding what to cook for dinner, since it's just the 3 of us now (my husband has left in case you didn't know). We've ate lots of sandwiches and grilled cheese with soup...but I don't think the boys are going to want that forever. LOL. I'm going to start working on an April menu with new recipes and get my love of the kitchen back. It's tough, but it's the only way I'll make it. Otherwise I'll continue to struggle with food and my weight.

So okay, weigh in wasn't that great. But we must remember I've had some serious weight loss the past few weeks with my family/life crisis, so honestly it should be expected. Let's also note I didn't journal and didn't workout once last week. So the TWO (2) pound gain was deserved this week on every level.

My weigh in at Weight Watchers on Tuesday was 158. Still a decent number :)

I haven't done these for awhile, and it's time I should...

What I want to accomplish this week:
  • Track every single day!
  • Exercise 5 days
  • Get some work off my desk!
  • Daily vitamin
  • Go to church
  • Read 3 days (Bible)
  • Wear pedometer

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Weekly Weigh In

Forgive me people... it's been too long. My life has been a rollercoaster the past month, and I'm still trying to find me.

In the process of my marriage crumbling I have lost my appetite. Yeah, I'm the opposite of most people and don't eat for comfort. This has been good for the weightloss, but it's unrealistic and dangerous. Slowly but surely my appetite IS coming back, so I'm on the path to getting back on track the RIGHT way.

I did some shopping this weekend with the girls, and that was fantastic. I got LOTS of new stuff, for dirt dirt cheap!!! It was nice to be back in the "lower" size, but now the goal is to break thru and go down even further.

I haven't worked out in over a week...with just so much going on and places to go...well I've given every excuse in the book. Possibly tonight I'll do some kickboxing, but my big guy and I are starting to feel under the weather, so no promises.

I did reach my 10% at WW on Tuesday, and I'm down to 156. I lost 1.4lbs this past week... but please remember the circumstances.

If you're the praying type...I could use them, as well as my family.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Weekly Weigh In

Again, I don't have much else to say except updating on my weightloss. I did have a fantastic girls night out this past Saturday, and drank way too much (thank goodness for weekly points and activity points I'd saved!)...I'm certain that hurt my weigh in this morning.

At WW I weighed 160.8lbs ... a 0.4lb loss! Yay...a loss. I could have very easily gained from my girls night out, that's for sure!!!

Another cool thing, I'm finally out of the obese category! I'm just OVERWEIGHT! WOOHOO!

Sorry I don't have more to say right now...things are still up in the air. It hurts...but I am strong, and at least I have my exercise and my commitment to lose this weight!!!

Friday, February 26, 2010


So my life has kept me away from my blog lately. Much is going on, and it's not all that great. I am still losing weight, and still on that path, but I need to put all my energies into something more important, my marriage.

With that being said, I will still plan to update weekly, but I can't promise anymore than that right now.

I am happy to report a 5lb (161.2) loss at WW on Tuesday, and my exercise is ROCKING. I am hoping for another fantastic loss come Tuesday....but doubt it'll be 5lbs. I'm a 6.2lbs shy from my lowest adult weight, and I feel VERY happy about that!!

Just thought I'd let you all know what is going on, and not to worry. I admit I haven't been reading I hope everyone is doing fantatsic! And...don't count me down for the count...just on "sabbatical" as my girlfriend calls it!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Weekly Weigh In

Again I found myself busy this past week and unable to post and read as much as I would have liked. But I'm still alive (though snow covered!) and still kicking. I also want to brag that I really had an awesome week, and fortunately the scale at WW showed it! WOOHOO!

Today I weighed in at 166.2! That's a 2.2lb loss! Now remember 2 weeks ago I lost zero, and then last week I didn't weigh in at WW due to snow (though when weighed on my scale I had gained). So I'm super happy with the loss!! And I'm CLOSE (1lb) to hitting my 5%! I'm aiming for that next week!!!

The weekend was nice. I totally stayed on track, journaled, exercised on Sunday and drank all my water, so my weekend was a success. Plus the Hunney and I got to spend time together, without the kiddos...which was SUPER!!! He gave me the cutest card ever, and made me smile. He's got a great sense of I always love his cards, and especially the lovey things he writes. I don't get that often, so I cherish them!!!

Anyway...I'm running low on time...but needed to update!

What I accomplished last week:
  • Track every single day! - YES!
  • Exercise 5 days - YES... 6 days actually!
  • Finish my weekly tasks for work - as usual, still working on
  • Daily vitamin - YES!
  • Be prepared for the Hunney's birthday on Wed. Decide what I want more - cake or salsa/chips and only have ONE. - Well, I had some chips and salsa...and still had 1 cupcake, but made it special with 1 tab of icing!
  • Read 1 day - No
  • Stairs at work 3 times ONE day - No
  • Blog 3 times - No, I think I only got 2 days... argh!

What I want to accomplish this week:
  • Track every single day!
  • Exercise 5 days
  • Get 4 folders off my desk
  • Daily vitamin
  • Read 1 day
  • Stairs at work 3 times ONE day
  • 10,000 steps 3 days
My eTools Journal :)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Weekend warrior!

It's weekend time my friends, and I have my armor on to successfully survive. Yes, I know Valentines Day is stuck in there...and if my Hunney gets me the same thing (or similar) to what he did 2 years ago (2 weeks before we left for Vegas to get married), I'm going to go POSTAL on him. What did he get me you ask? Oh a LOVELY cookie bouquet! was sooo cute and VERY sweet...but please, thats seriously sabatoge!

Anway, for V-day I'm not sure what we're doing yet, but the Hunney mentioned possibly going gambling. Sounds okay...not exactly the most romantic thing in the world, but at least it would be something we both enjoy doing (him especially). My Hunney can be kind of I'm quite certain we won't be going out for dinner. That means I get make us something special - and still on plan! Yay :)

I have worked out all week (well, except Monday), and even on Tuesday and Thursday I went to Zumba classes (SO FUN!) . I've been on track with my eating, so I'm feeling like myself again. Whew!

My plan this weekend is to journal every day, =workout at least once, and guzzle all my water! 3 simple things to help me stay successful, right?!!!

Happy Valentine's everyone!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Guess Who?!

Yep...I've totally been MIA! Can you believe it? I have no excuse, NONE. I thought I was doing really good too...totally was on track and then the inevitable happened - you know, life! I won't go into details, but it's female stuff, emotions = comfort eating.

With that being said, back to the old me...TODAY. I know you probably get tired of hearing this, but hey...I'll say it as many times as I have to. I MUST conquer this, get over that hurdle, cross the FINISH LINE!

Didn't make it to Weight Watchers today due to snow and being lazy. It's probably a good thing considering I'm certain I gained. Oh and last week I got an undeserved maintain. Okay...I know a maintain is better than a gain, but damn...I get tired of working my butt off and for NOTHING. So that was discouraging and started that snowball effect. is new, the week is new...and I'm ready (yes this is positive self talk).

Here are my weekly goals :)

What I want to accomplish this week:
  • Track every single day!
  • Exercise 5 days
  • Finish my weekly tasks for work
  • Daily vitamin
  • Be prepared for the Hunney's birthday on Wed. Decide what I want more - cake or salsa/chips and only have ONE.
  • Read 1 day
  • Stairs at work 3 times ONE day
  • Blog 3 times

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Weekly Weigh In

Yes, another week has gone by and I haven't updated. Argh! I don't know what my problem is. I promise, it's NOT that I'm hiding because I'm not OP. I'm completely OP and feel really good about it, so that's good. But, why I'm MIA here...well I don't know?!! I am busy with things, but still...I should make time for this. And I think I'll make that a weekly goal for this week!

So let's backtrack. This past week I have been FOCUSED. I've been really really trying, using all sorts of advice and digging deep within me to get the strength to do this journey. I've been busy in the evenings working on couponing (a new love of mine ... all in hopes to keep me busy instead of eating). And guess what...this has ALL WORKED! Yes, I am on a roll folks, and I feel really good about it.

Okay, okay...ya'll want to know the results of my weigh in right? Well this was week 4 (does week 1 count, since that's a starting weight?? I get confused with that) since I've rejoined WW...and if you remember, last week I had a zero loss. I was disappointed, BUT instead of being upset about it and helped me stick to it. I also want to say that this was the first week I used eTools for everything. Using a "new program" I think really helped with my tracking. Oh weigh in.....

I lost 3.4lbs this week!

You can see me smiling ... right?! Super stoked gal here! PLUS I earned my first 5lb star! Yippie! I've lost a total of 5.8lbs since starting! I'm very happy.

I also had a total NSV on Saturday. The Hunney stopped at Rally's for a bite to eat. I had already ate my dinner (Subway), but 5 hours previously (he's weird and never hungry at the appropriate times!). Let's just say that Rally's in the past has been one of my favorites, because I RARELY eat there (uh...more than 2 years ago I'd say). I so wanted something...but told myself I could wait to eat something when I got home in 30 mins, and that it really wasn't worth it...I have worked TOO hard this week. When Hunney bit into one of his burgers and there were onions and pickles on it (a HUGE no no!). So I had to get them off for him (he was driving). When I reached into the bag to get the other burger and fix it for him, there were 3 bag fries in there (I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about). I said, "well I'll eat these 3 fries". I ate one fry and about puked (sorry). It was GROSS! I can't even describe the taste in my mouth...but it was horrid. A cross between grease and dirt??? I dunno, it was just so gross I couldn't eat the other 2. The Hunney said he was SO proud of me!!! And really, I was proud of myself. My body just doesn't like that food anymore I guess! Yay!!!

At the WW meeting this morning the focus was on "are we really hungry?" And I can clearly say that a few weeks ago, I THOUGHT I was hungry 95% of my awake hours. After today's meeting (and I have lots more reading to do), I don't think so. I think it's just a habit thing for me, and possibly boredom. I have never once really admitted that. I've always said "Oh I'm ALWAYS hungry". And it was frustrating to me that someone would say "I have to MAKE myself eat, because I'm never hungry". It's clear time to learn the difference here...and I'm about to do it. I'm hoping I can reflect on some of what I learn from this with you all, because I seriously need to figure this part out.

What I accomplished last week:
  • Track every single day! - YES! (and I'm going to share a screenshot of my eTools for the week!)
  • Start back up on JM Shred (Day 15) - No...I just am out of focus with it...argh!
  • Get 4 folders off my desk! - No
  • Daily vitamin - Yes
  • Decide on the class I'm considering taking - I decided NOT to take the course...not for me right now
  • Read 1 day - Yes, I finished my Ali Vincent book!
  • Stairs at work 3 times ONE day - Uh...No...I didn't even do it ONE DAY! Geez!

What I want to accomplish this week:
  • Track every single day!
  • Exercise 5 days
  • Finish my weekly tasks for work (or at least get a huge dent in it)
  • Daily vitamin
  • Menu plan for February, using what I have in the pantry
  • Read 1 day
  • Stairs at work 3 times ONE day
  • Blog 3 times

Here's my first week of using eTools (I think if you click it will make it larger)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Weekend Recap, Weekly Weigh In

HIya! Yes...I'm still around. Just uh...lazy....I guess is the word. Well, Monday was a holiday and I was at home kicking it with my kiddos - okay and a little shopping, and then yesterday I was so upset by my weigh in at WW's that I just couldn't do anything.

So, if ya'll wanna know, I lost a big fat ZERO at weigh in yesterday. Yes, I was disappointed, but I'm over it. I honestly felt like I did good last week, so it was quite a shock. But looking over my tracker again, I did fudge here and there (the Saturday buffet), and I used my AP's and WP' I like I said, I'm over it. This week is going to be a different story though, you can betcha!!

The weekend was nice. I went to spin class on Saturday morning. That was awesome. Then I did some shopping afterwards. My Big Boy had gone to his Dad's for the weekend, so it was just the Little Guy at home with the Hunney. That evening the Little Guy went to Mamaw and Papaw's so the Hunney and I could go to the racer's banquet (fyi the Hunney drag races - and does REALLY good). That was fun, and yes, I ate too much. Then afterwards we went to the casino to watch the Colts play, and play some slots. Good time...but we didn't hit the jackpot. Sunday we slept in and then I had to do a bit of grocery shopping (produce). Nothing really much more than that!

My Weekend Plans were
  • Track every day - Yep!
  • Guzzle 80oz h20/day - Sure did!
  • Spin class on Saturday - YES!
  • Eat RIGHT at the Ponderosa, and enjoy the banquet - Pretty good
  • Shred at least once - No :(
  • Work on recipe binder - YES!!

Now onto the weekly goals!

What I accomplished last week:
  • Track every single day! - YES!
  • Continue with the JM 30 day shred! - NO
  • Get 4 folders off my desk! - YES!!!!
  • Daily vitamin - YES!!!
  • Work on my new recipe binder Mom bought me for Christmas - YES!!!
  • Read 1 day - YES! Read my WW material!
  • Stairs at work 3x/day 3x/week - Nope

What I want to accomplish this week:
  • Track every single day!
  • Start back up on JM Shred (Day 15)
  • Get 4 folders off my desk!
  • Daily vitamin
  • Decide on the class I'm considering taking
  • Read 1 day
  • Stairs at work 3 times ONE day

Friday, January 15, 2010

Weekend Plans

Just so you all know, I'm NOT avoiding my blog. For once! I'm actually totally on track and rocking...but busy and haven't had much time to read my daily favorites, let alone blog about anything. So...forgive me. But hopefully next week I'll have some more time on my hands and can post daily, maybe even a few recipes with pictures and such!

In the meantime, just wanted to throw out a huge thank you for all the comments on me being obsessed earlier in the week. I believe I'm okay...and she has issues. And honestly, it's ONE of the reasons our bff stats have been diminishing. I can't say it didn't hurt though...the things she says definitely stabbed me... but I'm a big girl and really...I'm over it!

Okay so it's the weekend, and I'm totally not nervous about it. Well...okay, MAYBE slightly because the Hunney's annual racers banquet is Saturday at ...gulp...the Ponderosa! There it is...the word of evil for us trying to get healthy and lose weight...shall I really say it???? B-U-F-F-E-T. Anyway, I'll try my butt off and REALLY make smart choices...I can do this!

Here's my

Weekend Plans

  • Track every day
  • Guzzle 80oz h20/day
  • Spin class on Saturday
  • Eat RIGHT at the Ponderosa, and enjoy the banquet
  • Shred at least once (I've been slacking on this because of the earlier workouts in the day)
  • Work on recipe binder

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Weigh In...and am I obsessed?

Today is weigh day as ya'll know. And since I'm weighing in at work (for a biggest loser type of game), and at Weight Watchers I've decided NOT to weigh in at home. Can you imagine the pain that was? I've actually just left my scale at work so I won't even be tempted! I will be using my official weigh ins through the Weight Watchers scale. That way I have to keep going.

So, after my first full week of being back on the program (paying for it anyway), and doing the Shred, as well as a spin class, I lost............................

2.4lbs! Yippie! Super happy about that! I expected to see a good number since I HAVE been working my but off...and as we see, it pays!

Now yesterday I wanted to talk to you all about something. I'm not sure how to word this, so forgive me when it gets all jumbled and stuff.

I have a friend that is about 80lbs overweight. She's one of my besties. She has seen me at my highest, and at my lowest. She believes I am obsessed with my weight and comments about it ALL the time. It kind of hurts my feelings, because honestly I don't think I'm "obsessed". Yeah, I may talk about it all the time with her, but that's because I want to share my success with her and get her on the bandwagon with she my bestie, and I NEED her support. Losing weight as we all know, is TOUGH work!!!

Anyway, she informs me a few weeks ago that her Dr is referring her to have the lap band procedure as a medical necessity. She's not 100lbs overweight, so they wouldn't even look at her until her other Dr put it as that. So, now she gets to go have it done. Nice!

I was talking to her yesterday about it (wish I could find the chat) and she's all excited, and honestly I'm excited for her too. Well, up came the part of my obsession. She has to chime in that my obsession is probably why I rollercoaster with my weight - according to her material the office gave her to read up on. I was silent....I didn't know what to say. Made me question, am I REALLY that obsessed? Could this be why I DO rollercoaster? And when I say rollercoaster, I want to say that when I got to my lowest (155) I ate healthy and exercised. When stress hits we all know what way we go... but is that OBSESSION? And then it hurt my feelings that SHE would/could say anything to me about it. The anger then starts to boil. I am the one for the past 4'ish years have been kicking my own butt with eating right (thank you Weight Watchers - which equals no serious low calorie/dangerous plan) and exercising. And I do mean exercising 5-6 days/week because I LOVE it. But not crazy amounts of time in the gym or working out...just 60'ish minutes! I don't purge, I don't take meds or weightloss pills, I am HEALTHY. So what is so obsessive? you see the anger now???? Here's a person who will sit there and say "oh but I eat healthy, and very little...I don't understand WHY I can't lose weight".... but then is still 80lbs overweight....and has the nerve to say that it's no wonder I rollercoaster! UGH! I'm still so upset from it.

Again, I didn't know what to say...and kind of just went numb. Do any of you have friends like this? I mean...she's my best friend...then why do some things she say and do HURT SO BAD?????

Moving on....I have my own cheerleaders. The Hunney and the kiddos. They support me 100%, and that matters. I'm doing this for ME, to get me healthy. And I keep on trying.

Well, it's time for the fun...

What I accomplished last week:
  • Track every single day - a big fat YES!!!!
  • Continue with the JM 30 day shred - All but 1 rest day I gave myself!
  • Get 4 folders off my desk - Nope...close though.
  • Daily vitamin - Yes!
  • Get my herb garden going - Yes!
  • Work on my new recipe binder Mom bought me for Christmas - No...overwhelmed by it
  • Read 1 day - Yes...Ali Vincent book and my WW Material
What I want to accomplish this week:

  • Track every single day!
  • Continue with the JM 30 day shred!
  • Get 4 folders off my desk!
  • Daily vitamin
  • Work on my new recipe binder Mom bought me for Christmas
  • Read 1 day
  • Stairs at work 3x/day 3x/week

Monday, January 11, 2010

Weekend Recap

I am sorry, but I only have a moment to post today. I really have a LOT I want to say...about my obsession (or not) with hopefully tomorrow I have time, because I'd LOVE all your input.

But, today has to be a shortie...just an update on the weekend. I will say that I'm anxious for tomorrow's first week's weigh in! I have been REALLY on track this week and working it SHOULD be a good scale tomorrow. Fingers are crossed!!!

My plans were:
  • Continue tracking
  • Drink 80+ oz h20/day
  • Shred
  • Take the boys to the library /nature center since it's too cold outside to hike
  • Clean bathroom and organize the kiddos dressers (update sizes...AGAIN)
  • Get herb garden started
  • Read

Here is my outcome:

  • I tracked everything, every day!
  • Yeppers, sure did thanks to my new water bottle my Momma got me for Christmas!
  • I Shredded Friday and Saturday, but yesterday I took a much needed rest.
  • Did not get the boys to the Nature Center of the Library...time slipped away TOO fast! Sorry boys!
  • I did get the master bathroom cleaned, but couldn't bring myself to do the dressers!
  • Herb garden is officially started and I'm anxious to see germination!!!
  • Read some of my Ali Vincent book as well as all of my WW material!!!
Hope ya'll had a WONDERFUL weekend...I sure did :)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Snow Day and it's the weekend!!

Due to the several inches of snow dumped on us we had a snow day. This means...Mandie at home...all day...out of her routine (can you see the nail biting?). I was nervous for a SPLIT second, then I decided I would just keep myself busy. Hmmm...what could I do? The wheels were a turning in my head. I would clean our bedroom, a bathroom, as well as sweep and mop the kitchen. I had a plan!
Once I got busy, the wheels were flying. I remembered I had a carcass in the freezer, so I found a recipe to make my own stock. While that was cooking I found another recipe from here to make chicken noodle soup! Suddenly I felt in control!!

Lunch was some leftover ravioli lasagna (the whole family LOVED), and then the little one needed a nap. I promised my kiddos that we'd go out to play in the 6 inches of snow when he got up from his nap. I went back to my cleaning.

When the little guy got up, my big boy was READY!! The funny took us 30 mins to bundle up in layers to go out and play for 45 mins. But it was precious time spent together...and we were active and out of the house!!!!

The soup was a HUGE hit for dinner, and I definitely will make it again. Even the picky Hunney LOVED it!! You can see the super huge smile on my face right? I'd like to note that I am doing a pantry challenge, silently. I didn't want to feel like a out of place or whatever compared to the others doing it...even though I know it's just a personal thing... is that self-doubt I'm hearing here? ANYWAY...I'm doing awesome on the pantry challenge.
When the kiddos were in bed, Momma made time to do her Shred!!! Level 2 is STILL kicking my butt. But I love Jillian and this workout. But it tough! I'm seriously dreading level 3!
So, I'm proud to announce the day was a complete success...and it makes me confident that the weekend will be OK! I can do this!!!
Weekend Plan
  • Continue tracking
  • Drink 80+ oz h20/day
  • Shred
  • Take the boys to the library /nature center since it's too cold outside to hike
  • Clean bathroom and organize the kiddos dressers (update sizes...AGAIN)
  • Get herb garden started
  • Read

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Weekly Goals (will I ever get more creative with the titles?)

Today I did something I haven't done in nearly 2 years.... I went to spin class! Yay me! Well I made it...and survived. At the LAST minute I almost backed out and didn't go...coming up with every excuse in the book (coworker didn't want to go, it's COLD outside, it was snowing, etc etc). BUT, I went and got dressed and just did it. When I got there, I was early...wanted to be...because you have to set up your bike to fit your needs, and I couldn't remember exactly where it was comfy for me. The class was locked and NO ONE was there. I thought... oh great, the class has been moved or worse...canceled. Then slowly everyone started showing up. If you've never been to a spin class...let me just say these people are die-hards! They go right to their business...usually without talking or smiling. I thought to myself "what have I got myself into!". I felt out of place for a brief moment, then remembered why I was there...for ME! Got my bike all set up and the music started. Fortunately (and I say this "lightly) it was HOT in the room, so the instructor couldn't work us to death! But I'll just say it was TOUGHER than TOUGH...and I again, LOVED every minute of it!!!!! I can't wait to hit up another one! They don't offer the classes at the most "convenient" times for me, so typically I can only go on a Saturday morning. But lately my Saturday's have been taking care of the kids as Hunney has been doing another job. So, we'll see when I get to do another one.

Tonight I'll keep up with my commitment to the 30 Day Shred. I think I'm on day 9, and yesterday was the first day I did it on level 2. I STILL can not believe how much harder level 2 was than level 1. YEOWCH! But, I love the workout. I like that it splits it up into 3 sets. That makes it seem like there is an end to come! Okay, call me silly if ya want.

I told ya'll I rejoined WW's on Tuesday...and we discussed Tracking and the importance of it. It's funny that this was what the topic was, because just the week before I started tracking again. For me, it really makes the world of difference. When I don't track, I'm off...and WAY off. They gave the statistic that when you don't track, you're 500 - 1000 calories higher than what you think. I totally believe that. And as a side note, I've figured out that I tend to NOT track, when I'm going off track. That made last week kind of hard. With New Year's thrown in there, the Hunney and I went out to dinner at the Olive Garden (we very rarely go out to eat). I had a plan, ordering off the kids menu, and choosing healthy foods. That went out the window as soon as we got there. I mean I made BETTER choices, but not exactly the best. Anyway...back to the point here...I did NOT want to track, but I made myself. Sure, I was OVER in my points...and honestly most days, and even over my flex points....BUT...I tracked. That was a big thing for me. Tracking is SUPER important for me to succeed, and I know this. So, as usual, it will be a goal for me this week...and every week after!

Moving on to the fun part!

What I accomplished last week:
I hadn't sent any goals for myself...but I DID
  • Tracked every single day - even though I wasn't perfect and didn't want to track!
  • Exercised 6 days (2 times on one day!)
  • Got the Christmas decorations down
  • Planned the monthly menu
What I want to accomplish this week:

  • Track every single day!
  • Continue with the JM 30 day shred!
  • Get 4 folders off my desk!
  • Daily vitamin
  • Get my herb garden going that the Hunney bought me last year at Christmas
  • Work on my new recipe binder Mom bought me for Christmas
  • Read 1 day

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Weigh in at WW Week 1

Well, Week 1 at my Weight Watcher's meeting was loads of fun. I'm remembering things I somehow have forgotten in past. It was great to go...and I'm excited!

I've run out of time today...but will post my goals for the week tomorrow.

In the meantime...

Official Starting Weight at Weight Watchers - 174.2

Monday, January 4, 2010

Monday, Goals, Weight Watchers, etc

Today I did something I hadn't planned on doing, but I feel good about it. I rejoined Weight Watchers (actually going to meetings). I haven't been to a meeting in over 5 years, but have been using the system (which works best for me). So, I dished out the moolah, and hope that attending the meetings will help me like AA meetings help alcoholics. My first meeting will be tomorrow at 9am, wish me luck.

I have been officially back on track for 7 days! That feels good. Yeah, even survived a "holiday" as well as a weekend, and let's not forget 4 days at home without structure. You know what else I've done? I've been exercising at home! Can you believe it? I've committed myself to the Jillian Michael's 30 day Shred the Hunney got me for Christmas (I asked for it). On New Year's Day I actually skipped a workout, so yesterday I went ahead and did a morning workout, and then an evening one to get caught back up! Yay me!!! So, I hope that my hard efforts will pay off on the scale tomorrow (though I'm certain at WW's it will be different than at home - naked!).

I also created some 2010 Goals. I do weekly, monthly and weight-related yes I even do yearly goals! They help me stay on track with my life and the way I want it to go. No, not necessarily resolutions, but GOALS people! Here they are!

1) Get to GOAL
2) Commit to exercise (5 days/week)
3) Start training for a 1/2 marathon
4) Complete 2 5k's
5) Monthly menu plan
6) Read 12 books
7) Take measurements and pictures once/month
8) Do the stairs at work 3x/day x 3x/week
9) Get a new camera and take more pictures
10) Get into those shorts I've been trying to for years - and get out of them because they are too big!
11) Get my hair cut/done 4x
12) Track our dinner eating out
13) Write my G-ma a letter at least every 3 months
14) Take the boys to the State Park at least once/month, take pics and blog about it!
15) Track our Flex Spending/Insurance

There ya have it!! Haven't committed to any challenges yet, because I've been holding out for the GAG to come up with a new one. So...hopefully tomorrow I'll be adding a new challenge!