Wednesday, June 23, 2010

LHAS Challenge Week 7 Check In

Time is so wasting away, and my middle isn't. I'm letting my crazyness of my life get in the way of what I truly want and I'm so tired of it. I pledge that this week will be MYSELF!!!!

My life is crazy busy with work and with home life, so I just haven't found time to get in here and put up any blogs. I barely have time to do this one measly weekly one! Forgive me y'all.

So today's weigh in.... 157. A gain of .4 from last week. Blah.

0 minutes of exercise too.

Hmmm...could no exercise + eating like crap = a gain in weigh in? Most definitely Mandie!!! Next week shall be better!

Here are my 4 goals for the challenge.

2. Drink my water on the weekends!
4. Get to my workout classes at the gym!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

LHAS Challenge Week 6 Check In

What a terrible week y'all. Just when I think my life is headed on a straight path, there is a detour. On 2 separate occasions, in less than one week, comments were made about my weight. Granted, they aren't coming from the best of people...but it still hurt nonetheless. You know what follows right? Instead of being mad and working my butt off to show these people, I emotional ate, and ate, and ate. I deserved the gain I received...and I'm mad at myself or letting these pathetic miserable people win...

156.6 +2.2lbs. I also was miserable enough I didn't workout one day. How about them apples?!!!

What have I learned from this experience? Well...what they say or think of me really doesn't matter. Yes, it hurts to hear someone say things about you. Especially when you've worked really hard to make changes. Alright even harder that you have poor self image and then this ADDS to it big time. But you know what...I realize these people are miserable and truthfully just want me to feel miserable too. It worked...for a little bit. But I'm over it. It has to be ME that is happy with myself and my body. And if I'm eating poorly, not working out, I know I will feel miserable...not only that but I will start to look that way too.

So, yeah, today is a new day...another new one. I have a good attitude and I'm giving it my full effort this week. I want to be pleasantly surprised how good it feels...because I know I will feel better if I'm actively TRYING.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

LHAS Challenge Week 5 Check In

So I had to miss Week 4's check in last week. I was tending to a sick child at home, and had no internet access to check in. Another week has already flown by, and it is time to check in AGAIN. These weeks are really going by quick!!!!

I have a nice maintain this week. It's an actual loss, because last week I had a slight gain. So I'll take the little loss/maintain I got this week.

154.4 +/- 0

101 mins exercised total. Not nearly what I need!!!

Side note, I had to cancel with WW. It's not because I wanted to, but because I financially needed to. I have a lot of things going on now that I have to worry about and with the divorce, I just can't afford it. So, that's that for now!!!!