Wednesday, June 23, 2010

LHAS Challenge Week 7 Check In

Time is so wasting away, and my middle isn't. I'm letting my crazyness of my life get in the way of what I truly want and I'm so tired of it. I pledge that this week will be MYSELF!!!!

My life is crazy busy with work and with home life, so I just haven't found time to get in here and put up any blogs. I barely have time to do this one measly weekly one! Forgive me y'all.

So today's weigh in.... 157. A gain of .4 from last week. Blah.

0 minutes of exercise too.

Hmmm...could no exercise + eating like crap = a gain in weigh in? Most definitely Mandie!!! Next week shall be better!

Here are my 4 goals for the challenge.

2. Drink my water on the weekends!
4. Get to my workout classes at the gym!


Leah said...

You can DO it.

ARJules said...

I know... Wouldn't it be great if we could eat more, not exercise and LOSE weight?? I'd be the healthiest person EVER!

But good job on keeping it in check! Next week will be great!

The Exquisite Christine said...

You CAN do it! Good goals, hang in there Mandie!!!

Heather & Chaos said...

Good goals girl!! I'll keep you in check, you keep me in check! Let's do this girl!!! Did you journal today? Who cares what it was, JUST DO IT!!

erin said...

we all have "blah" weeks. but just consider it motivation to get your butt in gear this week! you have great goals, you can do it!

Laura said...

You have awesome goals. You can do this girl, just work hard and you will see results!

Faby said...

You're doing great! Life gets in the way and you still maintain... I am on your boat... hope you have an awesome week!
My Blog had been ignored for awhile here.Updated blog (3 weeks worth material :)