Thursday, October 7, 2010

Gag Week 1 Challenge

So, for week 1 we are supposed to create a Vision Board. I will be honest, I have NEVER done all my years of trying to lose weight. I didn't want to do it either. Well, a part of me did, and a part of me didn't. I didn't really think it would do much good. But you know what. I had fun doing it. I also finally took some before pictures. It's almost a week late...but there can't be that much of a change!!! They aren't pretty...and I'm actually showing my tummy area, which isn't even the most problematic area...that would be my butt!! No, I'm not showing you that. Maybe when it looks better I might show you those before pictures, but yeah uh...not a moment sooner!!!

My VISION BOARD!!! ~ To live healthy, eat right, be happy with ME (especially in a swimsuit! LOL!

"Before" 155.4'ish

Friday, October 1, 2010

GAG Starting Weight

So I decided to join the GAG challenge again. Last year it seemed to really help me, and this year I want a better outcome!! I should go back and see how much I lost, or where I started ... just for fun!!!

Silly me forgot to take pictures first thing, so by the time I did I had already ate breakfast and drank water. So, the picture is off...that just means my first week should be GREAT right?! LOL!!!

Anyway...hope to get some starting/before pictures...but no promises. My life is crazy these days. I do have some pretty HORRID before pictures that I took a few weeks ago, but I will never share with anyone! LOL!

So here's my GAG Starting Weight Picture!