Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Weekly Weigh In and how did that happen?

In 2 weeks I have gained 9.2lbs. (Today's weigh in was 174.8) No exaggeration...I literally have gained nearly10lbs. Talk about disappointment. I have no excuse except laziness and gluttony. Okay, maybe some stress from the holidays somewhere in there, but come on Mandie...get a GRIP! What's bad is that I thought I did have a grip. I had a plan. I was ready. So what happened? I can give you no clear reason, and that is what worries me the most.

Anyone can lose weight. I've done it several times. But it takes learning what makes us fat (besides eating crap) and how we got there...and then CHANGING it. I suppose that is what brings me back to here. Gaining nearly 10lbs - again.

Let's rewind and see what happened, shall we?

The holiday's approached. At work we have one special event after another. Lunches here and there...which meant I had to miss workouts. And we all know that after you miss a workout or two, it's easier to say "nah, I can't go workout today, I've got such_and_such to do". Well, let's add the last minute shopping into that. So yeah, it was super easy to miss my lunch workouts to go shopping instead. Back to shopping,...stress that goes along with finding the PERFECT gift for so_and_so.

For my Big Boy's school party we decided to make cookies. I originally planned NO GOODIES were to be baked/made. Because honestly, WHY should they be? (I admit I'm a batter eater, and I knew it would only start trouble). That is clearly what happened. After 1 batch of cookies, Mommy decides to dip pretzels (LOTS of them) in chocolate and give away to neighbors, and for us to take to work, this also meant I got to nibble one right after another. Oh, more cookies! Yes, we need MORE cookies! The cut out kind, and what about everyone's favorite - chocolate chip?!! YES!!

It was decided Christmas Eve dinner would be at our house with my Brother-in-law and family. That meant I was cooking for 10 people. I wanted enough food, desserts and drinks. I got the bright idea to make cherry almond coffeecake (OH MY!) oh, and what about this new recipe I found for....gulp....FRENCH SILK PIE (now this is my ultimate favorite dessert).

I literally can go on and on with the food I indulged in, and why...but we all know it was because I got lazy. And as a friend pointed out (through herself) , I'm most certainly a "food addict". I literally stopped caring for a few days (weeks). I wanted to eat all my favorites...and not exercise. There was too much going on, and it's a feel good time of year, and I know food makes me FEEL GOOD. I'm a FOOD ADDICT!

Unfortunately now I'm paying the price. I'm disappointed, but determined. Can that be said in the same sentence? Today I am journaling, I even did the 30 day Shred (the Hunney got me it and 2 others for Christmas!) at lunch. I have a plan for dinner, and I'm ready to be on track again. I'm considering on rejoining WW, as it's free registration right now, and really $10/week isn't TOO bad. So...we'll see.

So, now...I'm working on new goals for the new year (not resolutions, just goals), and considering doing a pantry challenge. I also want to start focusing on more couponing and just how those gals get their pantry's so stockpiled! I need to start cutting more corners with groceries! SERIOUSLY!

Anyway...that's all for now. This is my letting it all out post...you know, another confessional. Let's just hope it's the last.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

GAG Final Weigh In, plus weekly goals

It's still hard to believe that 16 weeks have come and gone. Wow! I will admit I'm slightly (okay, greatly) disappointed in my loss for the whole challenge. It would have been better had last week not stuck me in the butt (work treat week!)...but, I'll be happy that I at least finished the challenge with a loss.

Don't mind my toenails, they totally need done!

This weigh in was 169.8. VERY close to 170 (a number I HATE). That is a terrible gain of 4.2lbs from last week (thank you chocolate covered pretzels I made this weekend!). But I finish the challenge at 7.8lbs gone. Better than zero, or a gain. Bleh.

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo....where do I go from here? I'll admit, I'm VERY nervous about setting any goals for this week...and honestly, because I don't want to fail. I also hate using that "it's the holidays" excuse...but quite frankly, it is. So...after much thought, here are my goals.

What I accomplished last week:
  • Journal and BE a good WW (7 full days) - Not even one day
  • Exercise 5 days - Nope...again, not even one day
  • Get 4 folders off my desk! - uh...does 1 count?!
  • Get to bed by 11pm - not every night, but MUCH better!
  • Daily vitamin - YES!!
  • Take the stairs in my office building 3x/day for 3 days - uh...no didn't happen
  • Make it through treat week without a gain! - Ha! Gained 4.2lbs!

What I want to accomplish this week:

  • Journal and BE a good WW 4 days
  • Exercise 2 days
  • Get 4 folders off my desk!
  • Daily vitamin
  • Enjoy Christmas with my family

GAG Challenge essay (Pt 3)

When I started the GAG Challenge, 16 weeks ago, I needed a fuel in my fire. I needed that jumpstart, you know, something to hold you accountable? I set a goal, and really wanted to get there. Unfortunately I didn't reach that goal...BUT, I'm not mad about it. I know that had I not started the challenge I wouldn't even be where I am today.

The GAG helped me stay on track. I knew I had to come in and report my weigh in every week, work on weekly challenges, and offer support o my fellow Gag'ers. That's right, you all helped me stay on track! Thank you! I have met new friends which equals new support that I need on my journey.

In 16 weeks I have learned more about me, and what makes this journey so difficult, and how I can accomplish what I set out to do. It's ME. I need to stop and "smell the roses" and make this commitment for me. The best thing is that I have never given up. It would have been very easy to just drop out of the challenge when the going got tough (or on weightloss in general)...but I didn't. I USED it, and moved forward, and I am learning as I'm going. I still believe the key in this journey is to live and learn, and that's exactly what I have been doing.

I would be very interested in another challenge, and honestly hope another starts soon. Now is a great time to get my focus back on (holidays seem to always de-rail me, and I HATE that), and finish this "race".

Thank you GAG!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Bleh! I can never think of a catchy title!

HI, I'm Mandie...and I'm an avoider. Yes, that's right...I've avoided my little blog here for oh, about a week, not to mention my food journal...and I might as well admit the exercise too. The LAST WEEK of the GAG Challenge, and I fall HARD off the wagon. Bleh!

I am finding my way back on though...so bear with me. I will post my weigh-in tomorrow as well as the final part (the essay!) for the GAG...and will go from there. That's all I can do...right!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Weekly Weigh In

Today is the day... the day I dreaded to get on that scale. If you remember, one short week ago I was EXCITED to get on the scale. And then today...after a weekend of eating like crapola. It's truly amazing how ONE WEEKEND can ruin a GREAT week... argh!

I weighed in this morning at 165.6. I lost exactly 1lb. Amazingly...I LOST! So, I'm happy about that. But disappointed that it could have, and SHOULD have been more...had I did better on the weekend.

Yesterday I was totally back on track, and it always feels good. What sucks is that this is a treat week at work. Today we will go to a "fancy" restaurant (buffet/gourmet). It's supposed to be a "free day" for me, but after this weekend I truly don't deserve it. I'll try my hardest, and I'm vowing to stay AWAY from the desserts. I don't need them... Oh, and since we are being treated to lunch, that means I miss bootcamp workout! PHOOEY! I have to workout at home...I've got to MAKE myself workout at home!!!! Tomorrow the staff (me) provide a "special tea" to the faculty. I'm going to NOT eat anything at the tea. It's at 3:30pm, and that's just a few hours away from dinner. SO...my goal is to NOT eat anything! On Thursday then is our staff gift exchange, and we each bring in a food. I have signed up to bring a Subway platter! Go me! That way I can stay on track! hehee! Sneaky eh?!!! So, if I can survive this week, I'll feel A LOT better, since the GAG challenge last weigh in is NEXT Tuesday! Can you believe that? I still can't!! WOWOWOW!!!

What I accomplished last week:
  • Journal and BE a good WW (especially on the weekend!) - Did NOT happen!!!!
  • Exercise 5 days - YES!
  • Get desk clean - Didn't make much progress
  • Get material for 2 more purses and get at least 1 purse finished (sewing) - got material, but no purses done.
  • Daily vitamin - YES!!
  • Take the stairs in my office building 3x/day for 5 days!!! - Not even ONE day!

What I want to accomplish this week:

  • Journal and BE a good WW (7 full days)
  • Exercise 5 days
  • Get 4 folders off my desk!
  • Get to bed by 11pm
  • Daily vitamin
  • Take the stairs in my office building 3x/day for 3 days!!!
  • Make it through treat week without a gain!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Confessions of a stressed-out woman!

You all know what Christmas does to us right...STRESSES us out! And why?? Why do we insist on trying to do sooo much?! Worrying about gifts for so-and-so.... it's just ridiculous. But, I do it to myself.

My weekend was good...but busy = stressful for me, and I ate poorly. I started off good, and then had pictures at Sears at noon (remember with 5 boys!). My Little Guy was a terror, and actually there are some pictures of him with his PINK paci (yeah, we're down to pink and purple,...and then we're DONE). They totally pissed me off (I WILL NEVER GO BACK), and then I was so frustrated at that point I told everyone let's go eat in the food court. I ordered chick-fil-a (a grilled chicken salad)...but after I carried it back to the table it was fried. Wonderful. Oh well...I still ate it (bad choice #1 ended up being 11pts!). I then had a few bites of Tucker's breadsticks and cheese. (bad choice #2). We then headed to get the Christmas tree, and spent the afternoon decorating it. That was fun, as the Big Boy REALLY got into it. Dinner birthday party for my Dad at their house later. Mom made sloppy joes, cheeseball with crackers, and regular chips (bad choice #3). Ugh!!! I did drink 80+oz h20, but still...too many points. Oh yeah, my Mom makes the BEST fudge...and 3 pieces of that, plus these sugar+butter+walnuts she makes. OMG they are awesome and insanely the devil for someone like me! (bad choices #4,5,6, and a few handfuls of the nuts = 7,8,9?)

Yesterday started off good, well I had to go grocery shopping (that is stressful when you're on a tight budget thanks to Christmas spending). For lunch I ate 4 (YES 4) pieces of veggie pizza (leftover from Friday) (bad choices #10,11). Granted, it was veggies (no meat), and 2% cheese...but still...CRUST will kill ya!!! Later I munched on (get this) chocolate marshmallows (WTH?!...just to have something sweet, and the Hunney catches me and says "is that on your diet?". Ugh!) (bad choices # 12,13,14). So I fixed a 100 calorie packet of popcorn (finally a good choice, but really shouldn't have after the other crap). The Hunney and I went shopping as my cousin and his wife came over and watched the boys. It was good to go out...but people everywhere and I just get stressed doing stuff like that with The Hunney. Then I got mad when he wouldn't go through a drive thru so I could eat more garb! Seriously! Thank you Hunney for NOT stopping!!! When we got home I munched on several handfuls of carmel popcorn (in the tin kind) (bad choices #15,16,17,18,19), and then finally heated dinner up (enchiladas that I made earlier...I used turkey and fat free refried beans, plus mine were in la tortilla factor wraps)...but I ate it with DORITOS (bad choice #20).

Wow...what a horrible weekend of eating. Let's also admit to only working out Friday night...none on Saturday or Sunday! PHOOEY!!!!!! I did drink water...but that's about all that was good. So, I honestly dread the scale tomorrow :(

Whew...with that off my chest...I feel better, but ashamed.

So, onto the Weekend Recap!

My plans were:
  • Journal and be a good WW - EVERY DAY!
  • Drink my h20 - 80oz/day
  • Workout at least once
  • Finish 2 purses (Christmas presents)
  • Work on Christmas shopping with the Hunney
  • Mail Christmas cards, get and decorate Christmas tree
  • Grocery Shop
  • Paint fingernails (something for ME)
  • Start wrapping presents!
Here is my outcome:

  • Only Journaled Friday and part of Saturday!
  • Drank 80+oz h20 EVERY day!
  • Only worked out on Friday! BL Cardio Max
  • Did not get the purses done (will post a picture soon!), but they are started!
  • Did Christmas shop with the Hunney
  • Mailed my Christmas cards, and decorated the tree
  • Did NOT paint fingernails...again!
  • Did NOT start wrapping presents!


Friday, December 11, 2009

Weekend Plans

Busy busy today...so this is a quicky!

Weekend Plan
  • Journal and be a good WW - EVERY DAY!
  • Drink my h20 - 80oz/day
  • Workout at least once
  • Finish 2 purses (Christmas presents)
  • Work on Christmas shopping with the Hunney
  • Mail Christmas cards, get and decorate Christmas tree
  • Grocery Shop
  • Paint fingernails (something for ME)
  • Start wrapping presents!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!!!!!!!

GAG - Time to see what you know challenge

Gulp... here's another challenge for the GAG. Fortunately, this one is multiple choice...hope I know the answers!!!! (just peeking ahead, I think I may be in trouble...please don't laugh, these are my "guesses")

1) How many spoonfuls of sugar are in one can of regular cola?
a- 1
b- 3
c- 5
d- 7

2) Substituting turkey for beef two times per week will save you how many calories?
a- 150
b- 250
c- 350
d- 450

3) Which fast food item has the most calories?
a- Bacon Double Cheeseburger
b- 22 oz chocolate shake
c- Medium order of french fries
d- Medium order of onion rings

4) How many jumping jacks would you have to do to burn off the calories in a pint of ice cream?
a- 2000
b- 5000
c- 8000
d- 12000

5) What percentage of Americans eat fast food as a family meal at least once a week?
a- 10%
b- 29%
c- 52%
d- 70% (sad to think!!)

6) When should you have your first cholesterol screening?
a- At age 10.
b- At age 20.
c- At age 35.
d- At age 40.
e- It depends on your risk factors.

7) What percentage of your diet should fat make up?
a- About 10 percent of your daily calories.
b- About 20 percent of your daily calories.
c- About 30 percent of your daily calories.
d- About 40 percent of your daily calories.
e- There is no recommended amount of fat; you should strive to eat as little of it as possible.

8) How much exercise do you really need?
a- 45 minutes twice a week.
b- 30 minutes three or four days a week.
c- 60 minutes at least three or four days a week.
d- 30 minutes at least four or five days a week.
e- It depends on your age and overall physical-fitness level.

9) Which of the following is not a good approach to managing stress?
a- Talking directly to the person who is causing the stress.
b- Giving yourself a treat, like comfort food or a cocktail.
c- Accepting that there are things beyond your control.
d- Trying cognitive-behavioral therapy to learn new coping skills.
e- Working out regularly.

10) What is a healthy blood-pressure level?
a- 110/70.
b- 125/85.
c- 135/90.
d- 140/95.
e- 150/95.

11) What is a healthy body-mass index (BMI) measurement?
a- 17.5 or lower.
b- 18.5 or lower.
c- 18.5 to 24.9.
d- 25 to 29.9.
e- 30 to 34.9.

12) How many cups of fruit and vegetables should you eat daily?
a- At least one cup of fruit or vegetables.
b- One cup of fruit and one cup of vegetables.
c- One cup of fruit and 1 1/2 cups of vegetables, for a total of 2 1/2 cups.
d- Two cups of fruit and two cups of vegetables.
e- Four to five cups of fruit and vegetables.

13) What percentage of weight-loss ads contains false or unsupported claims?
a- 25 percent
b- 36 percent
c- 42 percent
d- 55 percent
e- 67 percent

14) How much weight loss is a safe and reasonable goal? *trick question...because a,b,c are correct in my eyes
a- Half a pound a week
b- A pound a week
c- Two pounds a week
d- Three pounds a week
e- More than three pounds a week

15) Some weight-loss products say they can prevent calories from being absorbed. What's the greatest amount of weight that can be lost using this method, according to experts?
a- One-third pound a week
b- One-half pound a week
c- One pound a week
d- None of the above

16) Some products, such as green tea extract, promise that they can cause you to "burn fat" without working out. How much do they really boost your metabolism?
a- 2 percent
b- 4 percent
c- 5 percent
d- 7 percent

17) Which of these claims should be a red flag about the safety or effectiveness of a weight-loss product?
a- It causes permanent weight loss
b- It helps the user lose more than three pounds a week for more than four weeks
c- Substantial weight loss occurs by wearing a device or rubbing a substance on the skin
d- All of the above

18) High-protein/low-carbohydrate diets are faulted because of their emphasis on saturated fats. What's another problem with these diets?
a- They can cause headaches
b- They can cause bad breath
c- They can make you feel tired and weak
d- All of the above

19) If you follow a low-fat diet, you don't have to watch your portions of which of these foods?
a- Pasta
b- Nonfat cookies
c- Nonfat chips
d- Whole-wheat bread
e- None of the above

20) Which items are examples of foods high in "healthy fats"?
a- Olive oil, peanut oil, canola oil, avocados, nuts and seeds
b- Safflower, corn, sunflower, soy and cottonseed oils
c- Fatty, cold-water fish (such as salmon, mackerel and herring), flaxseeds, flax oil and walnut
d- All of the above

Whew...it WAS tough!! Again, don't laugh please :)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Well, well, well....

My fellow GAGers have surprised the heck out of me with a Gaggie award!!!!

Here's what they said about me!

Mandie was recognized for her Healthy Choices, Inspirational Postings, Not Giving Up, Great Rewards List, and finally, the TEAM SPIRIT AWARD. She was recognized for being 'team spirited' because she's always leaving comments for EVERYONE! That's awesome and I think it's totally worth getting recognized for.

Now how cool is that?!!!!! I'm completely shocked, flattered and STOKED about it! Thank you for "voting" for me! WOWOWOW! Oh, and let's not forget the nice things that were said about me! TEAM SPIRIT AWARD?! Awwww!!! SO sweet!

Honestly, I'm truly flattered with this award and thank you all sooo much! It was but a few months ago I didn't even use this blog thing, but it has helped me TREMENDOUSLY! For starters, the GAG challenge itself. It has kept me in line, and on track, and I needed it more than words can say. I like having followers, and knowing I'm being held accountable. And let's not forget I LOVE reading everyone's blogs. I really do! It makes me see and realize that I'm not the only one struggling out there. I hate that we are struggling, but knowing someone else is out there going through the SAME emotions really helps matters.

So thank you all for this award! I still am SHOCKED, but sooo happy. Words can't even begin to describe what the GAG has meant to me!!!

Moving on....I'd like to share something...I'm PROUD to say I have been working out all week long!!! The group exercise classes are helping me get back in the groove. I am also doing the Biggest Loser workouts every other night at home. Yes, I'm sore as all get out...and I'm super duper tired. BUT, I know that after a few weeks the energy from working out is going to go THROUGH THE ROOF!!! I already feel better, physical and emotional wise!! I can't wait to see the difference in my clothes before long!!

So, that's that. Nothing else to report in... have a wonderful Thursday friends!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Weekly Weigh In

It's that time again...WEIGH DAY! The GAG challenge end is 2 short weeks away, and I still can't believe that. I'm kind of "sad" about it, as it has helped me stay on track and motivated. What will happen when it's over??? GULP! I hate that I'm not going to hit my initial goal, BUT I'm pretty certain that these next 2 weeks will help me hit the "new" goal I set. As long as I stick with it, I will succeed!

This week has been a good week, and I love them. They make me feel so proud. I have got back into exercising, journaling AND eating right. So this morning I had NO problems stepping on the scale. I knew it was going to be a great number!!!


Hmm.... yeah, it's a 2.6lb loss, but I truly expected more. WHY OH WHY do we do that to ourselves? How can one possibly be "disappointed" with a 2.6lb loss???? Ridiculous is what it is. I lost weight! But in my mind I keep thinking , "But I did so good! I even exercised 2 times a day some days, my weekend was kick ass...and all I lost was 2.6lbs??!!". Silly silly silly! I should be JUMPING with joy...as I'm doing the right things, I am officially back to exercising and I LOST 2.6LBS!!!!

Okay...I'm happy! I'm Happy....I"M HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What I accomplished last week:
  • Journal and BE a good WW (especially on the weekend!) - YES!!!!
  • Exercise 3 days - YES I exercised 6 days!!!!!!!!
  • Get desk clean - Ugh...STILL working on
  • Get 1 purse finished (sewing) - 2 purses were finished!!!
  • Daily vitamin - I think I forgot 1 day...but I'm not 100% sure if I really did forget it that day?
  • Make a new recipe - I made chili in the crockpot. It wasn't really a new recipe, but it was a different way.

What I want to accomplish this week:

  • Journal and BE a good WW (again, especially on the weekend!)
  • Exercise 5 days
  • Continue to get desk clean
  • Get material for 2 more purses and get at least 1 purse finished (sewing)
  • Daily vitamin
  • Take the stairs in my office building 3x/day for 5 days!!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Weekend Recap

Wow...what a wonderfully busy weekend! Seriously! And I am happy to report I stayed on track! It's been a long time since I had a good weekend like that! Makes me look forward to tomorrow's weigh in!!! I hope it's good to me, I deserve it!!!

My Mom and I spent the weekend sewing! For my Big Boy's preschool class I decided I wanted to make crayon rolls to give to the kids. There are 23 in his class! Let's also make note that I wanted to sew at least 4 purses to give away as gifts...oh and I'm a NEWBIE at sewing! Last year was my first year, and I haven't sewn since Christmas time last year! GULP! I'd also like to note my Mom is a master seamstress, and has been sewing since high school. I'm thankful I have her, she totally helps when I have "problems" (so simple for her). Oh, and we had 2 toddlers (2.5 years old) pestering us too! My Little Guy, and my nephew. They made it "entertaining" to say the least!

My Mom cutting out the material

The Little Ones

Our first finished product!

My plans were:
  • Journal and be a good WW - EVERY DAY!
  • Drink my h20 - 80oz/day
  • Workout at least once
  • Finish 1 purse (Christmas present)
  • Purchase material and start 23 crayon rolls
  • Work on Christmas gift list
  • Finish Christmas cards
  • Paint fingernails
Here is my outcome:

  • Yes...I journaled all 3 days and was a GOOD WW!
  • Drank 80+oz h20 EVERY day!
  • Worked out Sunday evening!!! BL Cardio Max
  • My Mom finished 2 purses - while I worked on Crayon Rolls - I'm ahead schedule!
  • Bought, cut, and sewed 24 Crayon Rolls - DONE!
  • Christmas gift list is completed, now to buy!
  • All Christmas cards are addressed, will mail on Friday
  • Did NOT paint fingernails...and sure enough, this morning, 2 nails broke! ARGH!

All in all a GREAT successful OP weekend! So Proud and HAPPY!!!!!! Yesterday evening after dinner I took the kiddos on a drive to look at all the Christmas ligths. There's one especially I wanted to show them where you drive through it. It's amazing! I took pictures, but they did NOT turn out...they are too blurry. We'll definitely go again and hopefully I'll get better pictures!!!

A GAG Challenge!

Fun stuff here! It's time for another GAG Challenge! Should be testing what I've learned already, hope I pass :)

1. Women who lift weights will get bulky muscles.

2. "Spot reducing" (focusing on one area with exercises to see faster results in that one area) is possible.

3. Exercise boosts brain power.

4. No pain, no gain.

5. Movement melts away stress.

6. Exercise requires a hefty time commitment.

7. If you exercise, you can eat whatever you want.
FALSE!!!!!!!! I know this one for a fact!

8. There’s a magic bullet (quick fix) out there somewhere.
FALSE! But I doooo wish!

9. Exercise gives you energy.

10. All excuses aside, it's actually not that hard to find some amount of time for fitness daily.

11. You need a gym membership if you want your exercise routine to be most effective.

12. People who have exercise partners stay with their programs and reach their goals more often than those who try to go it alone.
TRUE! I totally know this one too...when I lost my partner, it was easier NOT to hit the gym!

13. Exercise helps ward off disease.

14. Exercise is good for the heart.

15. Pound for pound, muscle burns more calories at rest than body fat -- so you can eat more calories and still lose weight if you exercise regularly.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Weekend Plans

HIya friends! Yes, it's been a few days since I blogged...work has been busy, and I just haven't had a whole lot to blog about. PLUS, I'm doing really good with eating and exercising...and I didn't want to jinx myself. Funny I know...but every time I do, I seem to slip up shortly after. Ugh!

Anyway, I've been rocking to the Biggest Loser workouts (Cardio Max and Power Sculpt), but taking it easy since I was SHOCKED at how out of breath I was doing the beginner level! WOW! Yeah, this girl is out of shape. Plus, I'm babying a self-diagnosed tennis elbow. It's been hurting for quite awhile...not sure exactly when, but a few months at least. So anyway...I researched it finally since it's not get any better, and yeah, I'm pretty sure I over did it when I was lifting weights a few months back. I was doing "heavy" weights...and I think I hurt it. So I'm babying it now. I still have some research to do, but for now...I'm just babying it.

Moving on...I have lots to do this weekend since Christmas is rolling up quickly, so I'm working on my lists (to keep myself sane). BUT, I'm making sure that I am a priority this weekend and I'm sticking to my goals.

Speaking of goals... here's my weekend plan!

Weekend Plan
  • Journal and be a good WW - EVERY DAY!
  • Drink my h20 - 80oz/day
  • Workout at least once
  • Finish 1 purse (Christmas present)
  • Purchase material and start 23 crayon rolls
  • Work on Christmas gift list
  • Finish Christmas cards
  • Paint fingernails
Lots to do this weekend...but I can do it!!!! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Weekly Weigh In

I still am having a hard time grasping that this is DECEMBER 1ST?! HOLY MOLY! And ya'll know this is a crazy month with Christmas parties, Christmas shopping, wrapping, decorating, baking, sewing (yes!)...and in the midst of it all I want to LOSE MORE WEIGHT and get back to exercising CONSISTENTLY!!! I'm serious about it too!!!

So backing up....today was that dreadful day. I hated to step on that scale today...but I HAD to. It's the rules! I'm up 2.8lbs (169.2). Under 3lbs after a crazy 4 day weekend with a holiday....I'll take it. Not happy about it (or with me), but I knew what the outcome would be if I ate like I did and was so sedentary!!

Moving on....that's all I can do!!!! Today is day 2, and I even got a workout in yesterday....wasn't the gym, but it still definitely counts! I hit it up with the hottie Bob from the BL and did the Cardio Max. I'm embarrassed that I only did the beginner level, but know by the end of the month I'll be doing BETTER!!!!

So this is the last 3 weeks of the GAG challenge. Can't believe it has gone by this quickly! WOWOW! So for the last 3 weeks I want to get back to exercising, and REALLY want to get under 165. That will be short from my original goal...but I'll take it with a smile.

Goal time!

What I accomplished last week:
  • Journal and be a Good WW - 1 day, yesterday!
  • Enjoy Thanksgiving (Free day) and make sure I talk about what I'm thankful for - wooohoo! Got this one!
  • Exercise 3 days, even if it's walking!! - 1 day, thanks to yesterday
  • Continue 30 days of Affirmations - 0 days
  • December monthly menu plan - YES!
  • Get DESK clean! - Uh...still working on!
  • Have fun Black Friday shopping with Mom!! - The best time...and got LOADS of great deals!

What I want to accomplish this week:

  • Journal and BE a good WW (especially on the weekend!)
  • Exercise 3 days
  • Get desk clean
  • Get 1 purse finished (sewing)
  • Daily vitamin
  • Make a new recipe

And for fun...here is the turkey cake my husband and I made for Thanksgiving! It is a annual tradition to do a different Thanksgiving cake to take to my family gathering. SOOO fun!!!