Monday, December 21, 2009

Bleh! I can never think of a catchy title!

HI, I'm Mandie...and I'm an avoider. Yes, that's right...I've avoided my little blog here for oh, about a week, not to mention my food journal...and I might as well admit the exercise too. The LAST WEEK of the GAG Challenge, and I fall HARD off the wagon. Bleh!

I am finding my way back on bear with me. I will post my weigh-in tomorrow as well as the final part (the essay!) for the GAG...and will go from there. That's all I can do...right!!

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Kyle Gershman said...

Mandie...yes, AA, Avoiders Anonymous...well..they should create one of those groups too.

I'd be at the meeting saying "I'm an Avoider" the group replies "Hello Kyle!".

Fear is at the root of avoidance. It is more important to recognize what you are afraid of. If you can stare it in the face and realize the very small chances that any of those fears will materialize, sometimes it is easier to just push on.

I'm with ya sista!