Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Weekly Weigh In and how did that happen?

In 2 weeks I have gained 9.2lbs. (Today's weigh in was 174.8) No exaggeration...I literally have gained nearly10lbs. Talk about disappointment. I have no excuse except laziness and gluttony. Okay, maybe some stress from the holidays somewhere in there, but come on Mandie...get a GRIP! What's bad is that I thought I did have a grip. I had a plan. I was ready. So what happened? I can give you no clear reason, and that is what worries me the most.

Anyone can lose weight. I've done it several times. But it takes learning what makes us fat (besides eating crap) and how we got there...and then CHANGING it. I suppose that is what brings me back to here. Gaining nearly 10lbs - again.

Let's rewind and see what happened, shall we?

The holiday's approached. At work we have one special event after another. Lunches here and there...which meant I had to miss workouts. And we all know that after you miss a workout or two, it's easier to say "nah, I can't go workout today, I've got such_and_such to do". Well, let's add the last minute shopping into that. So yeah, it was super easy to miss my lunch workouts to go shopping instead. Back to shopping,...stress that goes along with finding the PERFECT gift for so_and_so.

For my Big Boy's school party we decided to make cookies. I originally planned NO GOODIES were to be baked/made. Because honestly, WHY should they be? (I admit I'm a batter eater, and I knew it would only start trouble). That is clearly what happened. After 1 batch of cookies, Mommy decides to dip pretzels (LOTS of them) in chocolate and give away to neighbors, and for us to take to work, this also meant I got to nibble one right after another. Oh, more cookies! Yes, we need MORE cookies! The cut out kind, and what about everyone's favorite - chocolate chip?!! YES!!

It was decided Christmas Eve dinner would be at our house with my Brother-in-law and family. That meant I was cooking for 10 people. I wanted enough food, desserts and drinks. I got the bright idea to make cherry almond coffeecake (OH MY!) oh, and what about this new recipe I found for....gulp....FRENCH SILK PIE (now this is my ultimate favorite dessert).

I literally can go on and on with the food I indulged in, and why...but we all know it was because I got lazy. And as a friend pointed out (through herself) , I'm most certainly a "food addict". I literally stopped caring for a few days (weeks). I wanted to eat all my favorites...and not exercise. There was too much going on, and it's a feel good time of year, and I know food makes me FEEL GOOD. I'm a FOOD ADDICT!

Unfortunately now I'm paying the price. I'm disappointed, but determined. Can that be said in the same sentence? Today I am journaling, I even did the 30 day Shred (the Hunney got me it and 2 others for Christmas!) at lunch. I have a plan for dinner, and I'm ready to be on track again. I'm considering on rejoining WW, as it's free registration right now, and really $10/week isn't TOO bad. So...we'll see.

So, now...I'm working on new goals for the new year (not resolutions, just goals), and considering doing a pantry challenge. I also want to start focusing on more couponing and just how those gals get their pantry's so stockpiled! I need to start cutting more corners with groceries! SERIOUSLY!

Anyway...that's all for now. This is my letting it all out post...you know, another confessional. Let's just hope it's the last.


Salina Lyn said...

I wish I had something clever or helpful to say. I'm at a loss. I'm sure you already know all the right things to think and feel and do anyway. You're a smart cookie (no pun intended) who just made a mistake. Pick yourself back up, dust yourself off, and hop back on that horse. I'm still here for you if and when you need or want me. I know you can do it. Hugs...

Kyle Gershman said...


I honestly can relate. I have lost and gained a lot of weight since I was a kid. I know that I am a food addict. When I lost the most weight before and hopefully this time, I had to treat myself like an alcoholic. An alcoholic can't have a drink just because its the holidays. I wouldn't allow myself to go off plan either.

I'd rather my mental picture were different and perhaps considering myself an addict makes for a convenient label to give myself the extra strength necessary to say no. It'd be so much better to just be naturally interested in health.

I hope to get there someday...I think there is more mental health to be achieved along with my physical health.

Hang in there...you aren't alone.

Heather & Chaos said...

I have to agree with Kyle. It is like being an alcoholic. Remember how being OP was so much easier the longer you had it under your belt? It was so much easier to continue saying No but once you said yes - it's like a downward spiral. I am right there with you girl. We will do this in 2010. 2010 is OUR year! It's our year to do lots of things and one of them will be getting to goal! Come on girl!!!

Nancy said...

Mandie, Congrats on completing the GAG challenge! You did great!! And, slipping up over the holidays is now in the past. I bet those 10 pounds come off pretty quick, especially if you go back to your workouts and eating as before! Have a great 2010!

Stephanie Michael said...

Hey Mandie, Just thought I would let you know I just rejoined Weight Watchers and will be going to the meeting on Saturday morning (South Side Bloomington)!

Annie, The Amazing Shrinking Girl said...

I agree!!! Losing weight is the easy part... it's the keeping it off and maintaining that's hard. Just don't do anything NOW to lose the weight that you wouldn't do LATER to maintain the loss.

Let's kick 2010 in the a$$, girl!

Tricia said...

Sounds like youre taking the steps to fixing the problem. Happy New Year!

Shira said...

It's like reading about myself. Same thing here. Didn't stop eating for the past two weeks. Had my sister in law and her family over fot winter break so had to cook for 10 people for 10 days. Didn't go to the gym. Ate all the food I love as f there's no tomorrow. And here we are and my pants won't zip..
Rejoining WW on Tue. Going to the gym on Monday. I worked hard to lose those pounds and they're not coming back!