Monday, December 14, 2009

Confessions of a stressed-out woman!

You all know what Christmas does to us right...STRESSES us out! And why?? Why do we insist on trying to do sooo much?! Worrying about gifts for so-and-so.... it's just ridiculous. But, I do it to myself.

My weekend was good...but busy = stressful for me, and I ate poorly. I started off good, and then had pictures at Sears at noon (remember with 5 boys!). My Little Guy was a terror, and actually there are some pictures of him with his PINK paci (yeah, we're down to pink and purple,...and then we're DONE). They totally pissed me off (I WILL NEVER GO BACK), and then I was so frustrated at that point I told everyone let's go eat in the food court. I ordered chick-fil-a (a grilled chicken salad)...but after I carried it back to the table it was fried. Wonderful. Oh well...I still ate it (bad choice #1 ended up being 11pts!). I then had a few bites of Tucker's breadsticks and cheese. (bad choice #2). We then headed to get the Christmas tree, and spent the afternoon decorating it. That was fun, as the Big Boy REALLY got into it. Dinner birthday party for my Dad at their house later. Mom made sloppy joes, cheeseball with crackers, and regular chips (bad choice #3). Ugh!!! I did drink 80+oz h20, but still...too many points. Oh yeah, my Mom makes the BEST fudge...and 3 pieces of that, plus these sugar+butter+walnuts she makes. OMG they are awesome and insanely the devil for someone like me! (bad choices #4,5,6, and a few handfuls of the nuts = 7,8,9?)

Yesterday started off good, well I had to go grocery shopping (that is stressful when you're on a tight budget thanks to Christmas spending). For lunch I ate 4 (YES 4) pieces of veggie pizza (leftover from Friday) (bad choices #10,11). Granted, it was veggies (no meat), and 2% cheese...but still...CRUST will kill ya!!! Later I munched on (get this) chocolate marshmallows (WTH?!...just to have something sweet, and the Hunney catches me and says "is that on your diet?". Ugh!) (bad choices # 12,13,14). So I fixed a 100 calorie packet of popcorn (finally a good choice, but really shouldn't have after the other crap). The Hunney and I went shopping as my cousin and his wife came over and watched the boys. It was good to go out...but people everywhere and I just get stressed doing stuff like that with The Hunney. Then I got mad when he wouldn't go through a drive thru so I could eat more garb! Seriously! Thank you Hunney for NOT stopping!!! When we got home I munched on several handfuls of carmel popcorn (in the tin kind) (bad choices #15,16,17,18,19), and then finally heated dinner up (enchiladas that I made earlier...I used turkey and fat free refried beans, plus mine were in la tortilla factor wraps)...but I ate it with DORITOS (bad choice #20).

Wow...what a horrible weekend of eating. Let's also admit to only working out Friday night...none on Saturday or Sunday! PHOOEY!!!!!! I did drink water...but that's about all that was good. So, I honestly dread the scale tomorrow :(

Whew...with that off my chest...I feel better, but ashamed.

So, onto the Weekend Recap!

My plans were:
  • Journal and be a good WW - EVERY DAY!
  • Drink my h20 - 80oz/day
  • Workout at least once
  • Finish 2 purses (Christmas presents)
  • Work on Christmas shopping with the Hunney
  • Mail Christmas cards, get and decorate Christmas tree
  • Grocery Shop
  • Paint fingernails (something for ME)
  • Start wrapping presents!
Here is my outcome:

  • Only Journaled Friday and part of Saturday!
  • Drank 80+oz h20 EVERY day!
  • Only worked out on Friday! BL Cardio Max
  • Did not get the purses done (will post a picture soon!), but they are started!
  • Did Christmas shop with the Hunney
  • Mailed my Christmas cards, and decorated the tree
  • Did NOT paint fingernails...again!
  • Did NOT start wrapping presents!



Christine said...

Awww I want to hug you. I hate it when stress kicks my behind! Ah well, pick yourself up and start fresh tomorrow. ♥

(P.S. I have also had a BAD Sears portrait experience and will never pay them to take a crappy photo of my family ever again.)

Kyle Gershman said...

I hear ya...believe me I do...I'm sure we've all had a meltdown.

Don't punish yourself...just make sure to celebrate your return to your prior dedication when you get back on track.

Self loving...not self loathing..