Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thursday Weigh in

Oh I know, I doesn't quite have the same ring as "Weigh in Wednesday", but I weigh on Thursday's... so has to do.  Unless I can think of a another title....hmmm....

Anyway, the wonderful news is I lost!  Woot Woot!!!!  I'm down 1.6lbs and super stoked about it.  #operationredbikini here I come!!!!  I worked out 5 times last week, and tracked the whole time (even the crappy food).  I use Myfitnesspal, as well as my WW app on my phone.   I think it worked well.  Here's to hoping next week is another success.

A short post today...but plan to do a bigger one tomorrow (maybe with pictures?!!)  These no pictures blogs are boring!  LOL!!!

Last Weigh IN (1/3/13) 179.2
TODAY at 177.6  -1.6

Monday, January 7, 2013

Weekend Recap and Weekly Goals!

Oh the weekends how you mess me up!  I had such awesome goals, and though I did cross off a few ... my eating was horrid (let's just say eating out 3 times does not equal a great weekend - sigh).

On the good side though, I was able to meal plan, and grocery shop.  I so wanted to take a picture of all the fresh yummy food in my fridge, and then the ex sends home a huge cake that's sitting smack dab in the middle of my beautifully healthy stocked fridge.  Blah... the cake kind of ruins the picture.  LOL!

I took before pictures, and oh my gosh.... I hope and pray that in a few months I am one of those people that post the before and "after" and there is an amazing difference, because what I saw (not in the swimsuit this time, but rather tight workout clothes) is depressing!!!!

Though I had planned to workout both days, I was only able to get in a run last night.  I'm actually pre-training for half marathon training.  LOL!  Yeah, I know...sounds weird.  But I haven't ran in forever that I have to get used to running again.  I'm not sure which training plan I will be using, either the Marathon Rookie one, or Hal Higdon. Anyone have comments??   So, even though I didn't workout both days, I did get in 1.  I'm happy about that.

Tonight I'm meal prepping breakfasts and lunches for the week... more of that Weight Watcher Garden Vegetable Soup... yummy!!!!  It's Monday, so I have a feeling there won't be much more than that!  LOL!  Dinner tonight is taco something

Goals for the week:

Drink 100oz h20/day
Track everything

Friday, January 4, 2013

Weekend plans

Well today marks day 3 of being back on track.  Yea, I'm like the rest of the world who decides to get healthy at the first of the year.  So what.  LOL!

Spin class uh... well... I may not walk tomorrow!!!  I was super stoked when I woke up and I immediately realized my quads weren't killing me, cuz then I knew I would be able to go to Spin class.  Umm...what's wrong with me?  Did I really say I was excited about going to Spin?? 

I made a few coworkers mad on my way out of the office at noon.  I knew I had to book it to the gym (7 minute brisk walk) to secure a bike.  I got questioned because I chose going to workout at lunch instead of attending the office baby shower for a coworker.  I gave money for the gift... isn't that enough?  Ugh.  Oh well, they'll get over it.

Thankfully I got to class in time to get a bike.  But none too soon, as there were only 4 left!  I knew the class would fill up, they always do.  Wasn't long we were pedaling our little legs off .  Totally annoyed by the 2 chics sitting next to me TALKING!  Really?? If you want to have a chit chat session, go for a walk.  I'm here to bust ass...not have to REALLY listen to the instructor so I can hear over your damn conversation!  Ugh!  I gave them several dirty looks, but they never got the drift.  All in all, it was a killer workout, and I'm so glad I went, even if I pissed off the office. 

The weekend I have tons to do.  Meal plan (working on that right now), grocery shop (Aldi's here I come!), dinner out with friends/family tonight, RV shopping with my parents tomorrow morning, workout both days (a run tomorrow?!), meal cooking/prep for lunches, etc. 

Whew... let's throw in that the EX screwed up the weekend by getting sick, and they'll be home.  LOL!  I know that comes out sounding all wrong.  Love my kiddos, but they make grocery shopping difficult.  And my run will have to be on the dreadmill.  Oh well.....  (WAIT ... Hold the phone, he just text and said he was sticking to the plan and getting them.  Hmmm....) 

Goals for the weekend:

Journal/track food
100oz h20/day
Workout both days (a run hopefully)
Meal plan, grocery shop, meal prep for week
Before pics

(Sorry...boring post, no pictures.  Gonna work on that next week. MORE pics!)

Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year... challenges, goals....

Can you believe the holiday's have come and gone (whew)?  And as usual I've overdid it, and gained the holiday weight gain.  But it wasn't just holiday weight gain... over the course of the year I gained (lost and regained) 11.8lbs.  Not fun to start the year off like that, but I'll use it.  It's a starting point, and I'm ready.  Focused. 

I'm actually still working on a plan, with some goals and stay tuned for that.  I am excited to be doing this # operatioredbikini .  I may or may not die from this challenge!  LOL!  No, but seriously, I love the support that is going around with it.  I mean, come on....bathing suit time is and WILL creep up on us... and already just a few short months (cough...5!).  So I'm jumping on the bandwagon and using this challenge to keep me going!!!

My goal isn't going to be a red bikini, or any bikini for that matter.  What this girl wants (ok, NEEDS) is a new swimsuit - period.  The one I have is getting real close to 5 years old....that's right ladies... 5 years old.  Who the hell keeps a swimsuit for 5 years?  Doesn't it go out of style you ask?  Didn't matter, cuz I HATE swimsuit shopping and this one FIT and looked okay on me (lying to myself - pics to come later).

So, with this Operation Red Bikini (or more for me Operation Summer's Coming) challenge going on, I'm a pinning fool on Pinterest (follow ME).  I'm going to start utilizing Instagram more for it (Mandie333)....  so anyone wanna help me keep on it??

Besides Operation Red Bikini, I'm contemplating on this whole 1/2 marathon thing, again.  Every year at this time I contemplate it and then never get the fire under my ass.  I have no clue if it's that I'm scared, lazy... I seriously do not know.  BUT, I have about 18 I'm going to give it a try again.  I truly DO want to do a 1/2... so I don't get it.  I haven't consistently ran for quite some time I'm not 100% sure I can do this.  Okay, wait...YES I CAN do this.  I just may not be able to run the whole thing.  I don't want to injure myself and do too much... so I'm going to play it by ear.

What Half you ask???  Well, I always do the Hoosier Mini/5K  (5K of course), but I haven't wanted to do the Half part of it, because it's sooooo flipping hilly!!!!  I'm telling you, hardest 5K I've ever done (well, not including Warrior Dash, which wasn't just a 5K). Sooo, I have a girlfriend that has done the Indy 500 Mini Marathon and RAVES about it.... said it's so fun (yea, who really says things like that?) and the atmosphere is out-of-this world.  It's the largest mini in the country.... so I'm not sure!  LOL!!! 

And moving on to weightloss...I'm just in that funky rut.  I haven't done CRAP in a year... What's worse is I'm up 25.2lbs from my lowest.  Sooo, I have to work on those 25lbs first.  I'm using Myfitnesspal (poohbearhunney), and also my Weight Watcher's point system (with an app on my phone).  I'm considering going back to WW we'll see.  I just need SOMETHING to get me going again!!!

This week I've already kicked butt with 2 group fitness classes.  Yesterday was Strength Core with the almighty Zach.  OMG.... that's about all I can say.  HOT HOT HOT... and I was a hot mess leaving his bodybuilding skilled class!  Ugh!!!  Today was Cardio Kickboxing, which was fun, but the "you're out of shape reminder" came on oh about 4 minutes into it.  Holy hell...I used to LOVE this stuff!!!  Tomorrow I'm hoping my legs (my quads may or may not make it!) are well enough to enjoy (Bwwaaaahhha!!) a spin class.  It's been several years since I've been to spin... I use(d) the bikes in the gym...but actually going to class, yea ... years!  And I wanna go!  Please legs cooperate!

Well, this was a mouth full, and I'm hoping the start to something.  I miss blogging!!!