Wednesday, May 26, 2010

LHAS Challenge Week 3 Check In

Another week has gone by. Thankfully, this week I've done better. I wouldn't say perfect by any means...but definitely better! That's the key right?!!!

My life is still hectic and crazy, and "dramafied", so you'll have to forgive me for not much of an update, and no updates during the week. It's just so much to handle right now. So, if you are a reader, I appreciate your patience with me :)

So, here's my stats.... lost 2lbs YIPPIE!! Putting me at 154.4. Nice :)

And I upped my activity minutes to 180 Mins! On my way :)

Starting June 1st my plan is to restart P90x. I want to see results. TONING. I need it. It's a killer workout, and intense for 90 days...but I really need something. Another friend is doing it the two of us should be able to tackle this!!!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

LHAS Challenge Week 2 Check In

Well, week 2 has come and gone. When will my life ever settle so I can get my stuff in gear? Seriously!!! I found myself at lunch instead of going to workout, sitting with my coworkers at the lunch table. This is not a good thing. Yes, the conversation was/is...but I find myself hungry and off track. Not to mention I'm missing the exercise my body needs!! ARGH!!!!

Needless to say, I got a whopping 75 mins of exercise Week 2. Blah! I know, better than nothing, but practically that is nothing. But, I'm over it...and I'm gonna focus on this week now.

I also will report a big fat maintain. Yep...I'm lucky to have that. I ate so many pieces of cake from the boys birthday party on Sunday. I just didn't care. I was so wore and stressed from it, I wanted and loved it! Terrible I know. 156.4

But don't worry, I'm okay. I truly am. I know what I want...and I honestly know what I have to do to get it, and I want this week to reflect that. I have something to do on Saturday that may cause some friction, but if I can get a good workout in in the morning before going out, then I will feel good.

Here's to a better week!!! Hope all my LHAS challengers are doing better than me!!!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

LHAS Challenge Week 1 Check In

Well, I started off dynamic, and fizzled into nothing. Blah! I hate that. But, it has helped motivate me for making some changes this next week. I have to if I want to get anywhere. I can't be so passive, that's for sure. If I really want this, I have to grab it and DO IT!

My week actually started off great. And then the weekend happened. It was a weekend spent at a kickbutt Pearl Jam concert on Friday which spiraled to me slipping up the rest of the weekend plus.

And then I find myself feeling horrible about it. Horrible about how I look...honestly HORRIBLE about this. My stomach was sour. I was a mess. I'm not feeling MUCH better...but I'll get with it.

So, I had a gain on the good ole work scale this morning. Up to 156.4. Deserved it. Oh, and I have heavier clothes on today too...I know that contributes to SOME of it...but not nearly all. I deserved it like I said. From the partying on Friday night, to the cake I was shoveling in for my sons' b-day, yeah, I deserved it.

I also SUCKED with my workouts/activity last week. I worked out what...2 days. Jeez! Gonna have to step it up a notch!!!

So...that's how week 1 of the LHAS went for me. PHOOEY!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

I love the kitchen!

With yesterday being Cinco De Mayo, and me LOVING Mexican food, I made tacos and Spanish rice. I also stopped at my local restaurant (favorite place ever to eat by the way!) and picked up some chips and salsa (and cheese for the kiddos). Dinner rocked if I do say so myself. Not just the food itself, but the fact that I'm actually cooking again. With the split I literally couldn't even bring myself into the kitchen to do anything. I associated it with being happy and being a family. That was shattered. I didn't have an appetite, and I couldn't focus or concentrate. So the boys and I ate out quite a bit (not fast food, but let's just say the Mexican restaurant recognizes us these days), we ate with friends and family, and the tiny bit I did cook was like grilled cheese. Non-thinkable meals. Yeah, it feels good getting back in the swing of what I love - cooking for me and my boys.

After visiting with my new babysitter, the boys and I read books, said our prayers and kissed goodnight. Finally, MOMMY time!

Let me admit (again) that I have totally been slacking on my "life". Meaning eating right and working out. Don't ask how that happened, it just did. In the time of my life when I needed it...I slipped. I keep reminding myself though that I've picked myself up, brushed off the dirt and am keeping on. So, with the help of the LHAS in the back of my mind I popped in TaeBo. Sweated good for oh 20'ish mins, but that didn't feel like enough, so I then decided to kill myself and put the Shred in. Uh yeah, maybe that wasn't smart?! LOL! But I did it...smiling the whole time. And honestly I pushed myself SO hard! I want my body back...I need control of my life, and this is the ONE thing I can totally control. So, I got in about 45'ish mins of working out! YAY! Today I'm going to the gym to do my favorite group exercise class - Step. I am excited.

Excited for getting my life back...seeing Mandie again has made me smile, and others around me too!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

And the challenge starts!

* I'd like to note that I didn't notice this at first, but this post marks the 100th post of my blog! WOWOW!! I think that's pretty exciting. Should've given away something? But I didn't...maybe at a later time I'll do something*

HIya! I'm so pumped and ready for this LHAS challenge you all have no clue. Let me first say that I came kicking and screaming. Had it not been for my buddy Heather, I WOULD NOT be doing this. Seriously. So I do give her a HUGE HUG for pushing. And wouldn't you know it, I'm actually excited about doing it. I know that it's going to help me get over the hump.

Yesterday was a turning point for me. I know, Tuesday..isn't that weird. Usually it's like Sunday night, or even Monday morning...but for was a Tuesday. I know my WW meeting had to do with that, as well as actually signing up for this challenge. At WW yesterday my leader said these 3 things.

Desire - Yes, we ALL have the desire to lose the weight and be healthy and yeah, LOOK GOOD
Discipline - Uh...what? This is what I have been totally struggling with...but not anymore!
DELIGHT - I know that by actually having the discipline is going to create this...and I WANT it!!!!

That set the mood right there. I left my meeting feeling empowered and ready!!! And then I signed up for the challenge. Doing so made me take a look at what I've been lacking. Yeah, exercise. And why??? I mean, when I exercise I LOVE how I look and feel. Actually the feeling can not be beat, and when I talk to people about it (non-exercisers) they think I'm nuts. LOL! I know that feeling too. But seriously, the endorphins it creates, and the high I get from feeling muscle is unbeatable.

I then sat down and watched the oh, last half of Biggest Loser last night. I haven't seen it in weeks. I was surprised at how much these contestants had changed. And yeah, I saw them working out and it made me want to!!! I'm actually EXCITED to start again. Weird!!!

It was said on the show "celebrate the small victories". I've not been doing that. Instead I've been looking at the whole picture, and not seeing ANY victories. I'm seeing all these failures. So last night I celebrated NOT eating cookie dough. :) Hey, it's a start people...give me a break! And I admit, I REALLY wanted to. But I kept thinking about the DESIRE + DISCIPLINE = DELIGHT...and how I needed the discipline. And then that created a small victory for me! YAY!!!! I'm officially on my way.

Okay, lots of gibber there...forgive me.....can you tell it's been awhile since the wheels were turning?! LOL!

My goal for the challenge is to get CLOSE to goal, if not there. I know...kinda steep, but I need that discipline. I have 16 weeks...and even at 1lb/week that puts me at 138.6, soooo stinking close to goal (130). So I'm going to try REALLY hard. 16lbs is my goal :)

Today I had to take a picture of me weighing in. I did it at work, since I've banned the scales at home (they are actually at work!). And I went into the Ladies restroom to take a picture. So ya'll ready? I'm not! LOL!

Scale shot - 154.6

And oh Lordy....full body pictures (sorry they are just in my work outfit)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My Long Hot Active Summer Challenge!

That's right folks, I've come out again to play...and stay. Forgive me again for my absense. Life got crazy, Mandie needed to heal, grow, and move on... and so that brings me to now. I'm doing well, and learning to live life for Mandie again.

ANYWAY, the fun stuff. I'm hoping I can still join in on this challenge I need to...I've slacked with exercise for about 3 weeks now. And honestly, if you all are KNOW what 3 weeks of no activity does to your body! WOW! I can't believe how flabby I've gotten. It's nasty!!! So, I need this challenge. If it's too late to join, I'll still play along.

Here's my goal.

1) Workout 5 days/week (gosh, this is scary to even say again!!)
2) A total of 5,000 minutes. GULP!!

Yes, saying those 2 things really do scare me. BUT, I really need the kick in the butt for me to get back on track!!!! I'm also hoping this helps get my weightloss rolling the way it should be, and would rock if it would help me get to goal! Or at least feel better about the way my body looks!!!

So, there ya go! I'll be back tomorrow with pictures and what not! And I hope to be on here more faithfully. If I go MIA...someone please come after me!!! ;)

Oh, and today was weigh in, and I lost 1.7lbs this week, and I'm at 156.8. Nice number...but I'm tired of teeter-tottering! Moving forward!

Weekly goals:

2) Not go in the red
3) Exercise 3 days (more??)