Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Coming Soon

Yes that's right...coming soon I'm going to be using this blog!  I want to really get back to blogging and journaling things.  I think it really helped.  Now here's it's been FOREVER since I blogged and well I hate it! 

I've been enjoying some great blogs latetly, and they've been inspiring me in so many ways!!! 

Sooo, though I can't say starting tomorrow, or next week...but coming soon this chic is going to be back to blogging regularly!!! 

So, stay tuned!  #operationredbikini is motivating me!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thursday Weigh In....

It's terribly hard for me to be a regular poster, when I'm not regularly following any plan. Whether that is counting calories, doing Weight Watchers, or even exercise.  Seriously.  And I feel guilty about it.  I HATE IT!  What I hate the continued gaining of weight.  Yep...

What's that mean, well to get accountability.  I've got 2 girlfriends that I'm going to be held accountable too.  I've got to do this!  VERY UNHAPPY with 20lbs up from my lowest. 

It also means time for some a solid plan and goals!!!!!!!

I'm going to stick to around 1200 calories for week 1, then up it to 1400 for 2 weeks, and then back down to 1200 calories. Also am planning on counting WW points (old), I know this works for me... I totally know this.  I plan to workout at lunch (gym) doing 30 mins strength and 20'ish mins of cardio (spin bike, treadmill, stair stepper). I am going to plan my meals and lunches a week ahead and I am going to stick with them. I'm going to wear my pedometer and get 10,000 steps/day. I'm going to drink 100oz h20/day. I am going to journal/track, and I'm going for 10 days straight to start with (I suck on the weekends). I'm going to figure out how to make my weekends work (ideas?). I am going to lose 8lbs the month of September!!!

Last Weigh IN (8/16/12) 170.4  
Starting TODAY at 173.2  +2.8lbs

1st Goal 9/27 ~ 165.2
2nd Goal 11/15 (my bday) ~ 157.2 (close to my all-time low)
3rd Goal 12/27 ~ 153 ~ under my lowest! Ending the year off right!!!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday already?

Yeah yeah yeah...I know.  I suck.  I have great intentions and then fall fast.  But I never forget about you, ole blog of mine.  I just sweep you to the side.  Instead I find myself sucking up time in pinterest, trying to find good healthy recipes, lunch ideas for my little guys, workouts, miracles to help ... you know...pinterest the suck zone of the internet.  Actually it's quite worse than Facebook.  Yeah, it is.

I deactiviated my Facebook account 5 weeks ago.  It feels wonderful, but where am I instead??  Oh pinterest how I love thee... and Instagram!  Instagram is fun, especially since I looove taking pictures!!!!  If ya wanna follow me there, I believe I'm under mandie333.  And for pinterest, yeah you can follow me there too...HERE .

This is the main reason I haven't blogged.  Oh it has nothing to do with the fact that I sucked this week.  Nope...nothing to do with that.  You know, the lack of exercise and eating poorly didn't really side track me.  Okay...yeah...maybe so.  Ugh!  So freaking frustrated with myself.

This week has been busy.  My little guy started kindergarten on Tuesday.  This proud Momma didn't even cry!!!  He's wanted to go for 2 years, and now finally he's there!!!  My big boy started 2nd grade - oh so bittersweet!!  Oh and I should add my refridgerator died on Monday, the night before school starting!  Sigh.  Life is never easy, is it??

So yeah, let's blame Monday's fridge dying (after open house to meet the teachers) the reason behind me not wanting to run the 3 miles scheduled for my 1/2 marathon training.  Tuesday well, it was the 1st day of school and we went to Mexican (Hush!) because fridge was out.  Definitely couldn't run 3 miles on that belly.  Wednesday we have church...get home late... run.  Thursday I felt like doing NOTHING, and that's what I did.  Oh my new fridge did get delivered - not after sweating and crying about spending the stinking money.  Really...does a fridge have to cost THAT much?!!!

Yesterday's weigh in reflected my week.  I stepped on that scale fully aware that I deserve the nasty number that popped up.  170.4.  Yeah, a gain of 2lbs.  Blah.  DESERVED.  But did that change Mandie?  Nope...I still ate crappy yesterday.

When I woke this morning it dawned on me, only I can do this.   Yep, only me.  Frustrated, saddened, mad, depressed and everything else in between...but it has to be ME that does it.

Goals for the weekend:

Log food
Drink 100oz water/day
Run tomorrow morning (4 or 5 miles - 5 is scheduled for the 1/2 training, BUT I haven't ran all stinking week!)
Meal plan and grocery shop

I'm trying to stir around some ideas of what I want to do with this blog. I'm thinking more pictures.  Pictures should help, right?!  Maybe if I'm constantly taking pictures because I know they are going to be posted, maybe that will help me stay on track PLUS blog more?!!!  That's the goal!!!!

Last Week (8/9/12) 168.4
This Week (8/16/12) 170.4  +2lbs

Thursday, August 9, 2012


Happy to report in with a 2.2lb loss!  Woot Woot!  Granted, these are the same 2.2lbs I keep gaining and losing over and over, but I worked my arse off for today's loss.  I tracked every in MyFitnessPal (MFP) , and really stayed within range.  I also ran 3 miles 3 different times. My hard work in fact paid off, and I was smiling when I jumped on that scale!!  The big goal now is to make sure it goes under that (2lbs please) for next week.  I do not want to regain those stinking 2lbs AGAIN, for the umpteenmillionth time!!  Okay, ok....

I know, I know...I've been slacking on my blogs.  Work has been busy, and honestly I'm not an awesome writer.  I just felt it might help keep me on track and accountable.  So, yeah...again I forgot to do MIL.

Soo...since I've been slacking are my new "starting" pictures.  Ugh.... 170.6.

Last Week (8/2/12) 170.6
This Week (8/9/12) 168.4  -2.2lbs


Thursday, August 2, 2012

Catch Up

So wouldn't you know the that when I get the swing of things (posting blogs, taking pics, on track, etc) something always has to put a wrinkle in my plan.  I ended up getting sick sick the past few days.  This meant my 1/2 marathon training that was to start Monday got pushed back.  Means EVERYTHING got pushed back actually.  I felt so horrible.  But, I'm on the mend...and tonight hoping to push out 3 miles.

Speaking of 3 miles...I did the Color Run on Saturday.  Wow!!!  The best stinking 5k experience of my life!  Total craziness and a complete BLAST!!!!  It lives up to it's name as the "happiest 5k on the planet"!!!  LOVED every second of it...and yea, I'm saying that about RUNNING!!!!

Let's be reminded that it's the first official run in several weeks.  I can't really remember the last time I ran.  Probably within the month...but when, I dunno.  And it was only 2 miles.  So yeah...I'm stinking behind and slacking. 

Today was my weigh day.  Sigh.  I stayed exactly the same....  170.6.  Puke!!!  But, I suppose the bad eating choices, being sick and drinking 7-up, etc etc etc etc etc and every other excuse is why.  And that's just it ladies and is EXCUSES.    Time to crack the whip!!!!!! 

Oh, and yeah I know I missed the MIL Monday, which will be my "before" pictures... will post them next Monday since I was out most of this week. 

Last Week (7/26/12) 170.6
This Week (8/2/12) 170.6

Pictures from The Color Run

Friday, July 27, 2012


Yea, stupid pictures...they speak a thousand words.  And for once, I don't want negative words anymore!  LOL!!!  So last night, like I promised I was taking some before pictures...  BUT, before I do, I thought it would be share some even worse ones!!!  I will post the pictures I took last night, in my swimsuit - puke, on Monday....It will be my first MILF Monday!!!!!

 1991 - Soph in High School Probably 140'ish

 Christmas 1999 - Probably close to my highest 230+

Summer 2001 - Another BIG one...220+

Since those pictures I have dropped 75'ish pounds...up and down, up and down.  My lowest was 153...and I"ll share more pictures later.  Since then (2010) I have regained 17'ish pounds.  Talk about STUPID!!!  And in my's just 5lbs heavy.  It's normal to fluctuate... until I saw THIS PICTURE....

The picture last week that made me re-evaluate myself - 170
Ugh...see those rolls?  My arms look so fat.  But at least my little guy is looking handsome sportin that mohawk!!!  (yes, I'm the one in the teal shirt...UGH!)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

And the fun begins (again?)

I figured it was time to finally update this blog.  (actually thinking of deleting old posts???)

Life threw curves in my straight and narrow path.  But that's okay, because I'm a woman, and I'm a mother and I can deal with it!!!!  I am divorced, for the 3rd stinking time ( judgments y'all!), and have been dating causally - which quite frankly sucks arse and I hate every second of it!

I was supposed to be DONE with dating.  I've got my kiddos, now where the hell is that husband of mine?  Oh yeah...that's right - he just wasn't happy anymore, or in love with me.  Phesh...whateva.  (let's also add in here that he admitted to not being attracted to this fatty.....sigh).  It's okay, it really is.  We are great friends (best?) and I'm thankful we can end on such great terms.  It's his really is.  But you can't make someone love you ladies, no matter how freakin hard you try (and I did...I tried my heart out!).

So....  I've been upping and downing in my weight for a little more than year, I can give you all the excuses in the world...stress, Christmas, divorce, kids, blab blah blah...but they are just that...friggin excuses.  And I'm finally done!

I plan to use this blog as a resource to vent out my life's joys, obstacles, detours, not only with weight loss, but also 1/2 marathon training, raising 2 boys as a single Momma. and of course, the dating game - ugh. 

Join me in this quest to lose 40lbs the healthy way (once and for all)!!!  With a 1/2 marathon in sight (October 2012) I've got to get my focus on.  I've been inspired and motivated by a freaking hilarious gals blog,  Mama Laughlin (stop what you're doing, put down the cookies and go check it out!!!).  I plan to do similar things as her, like MILF Monday, and share some recipes here and there...PLUS take pictures in 10lb increments.  Uh...with that being said guess I need some before shots and measurements.  Puke.  Will do tonight and post tomorrow!

Day 1..........

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May 1st...time to get busy!

So for the month of May I set goals, realistic obtainable ones.....and here it is May 1st and I'm not quite ready.  Okay I'm ready to be focused and get on track, but not ready as in grocery store, meal planning etc.  I have a feeling that's what this Momma will be doing at the soccer field tonight.

I'm considering changing up my exercise plan of the JM 30 day Slimdown and doing the plan instead.  I'm all for quick workouts.  HIIT are rocking!!!!  So, that's my change. May challenge workout, and then possibly the JM 30 day Slimdown.  Of course this is on top of my running and group fitness classes. 

Check out BodyRock.TV  to find the May 30 day challenge and join with me!!!! 

Here is my Day 1 Fitness Test (using Intermediate level body weight only), I will post my numbers in tomorrow's blog!

Set your interval timer to 10 Seconds rest & 50 Seconds work. Complete the Following Circuit 3 time through.

  1. Squat Jump & 1/2 Burpee
  2. Superman Push Ups
  3. Elevated Tricep Dips
  4. Elevated Knee Abs
Dinner plans....undecided but probably turkey spaghetti!  YUM!!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sometimes the scale likes you...

I had myself talked out of weighing in today. I mean, it was only going to set me up for destruction, and slap me in the face right? The past week was HORRID with eating. I tracked everything I ate (WW points and calories in myfitnesspal) and I was over nearly every day...yeah. Oh and add I didn't/haven't worked out!

But late last night I changed my mind.

I decided to make myself some May goals (plans are good for Mandie) being to start the JM 30 day Slimdown. In doing that, I was going to need a starting weight. So, it's kind of like the book "If you give a Mouse a Cookie...", things just start reminding you of other things. So yep...I decided to get on that scale this morning. Beforehand I actually prayed about it! Now who does that?! I wasn't trying to make a deal with God by any means, just asking for some support. I envisioned seeing the 170's again, and honestly I deserved it. I was scared. I needed comfort and support from Him.

You imagine my shock when I see an actual loss. WTH?! I'm supposed to being seeing 3lb gain (maybe a maintain), so seeing a loss (.4lb) is just nutty. But you know what, even though it's an undeserving loss...I'll take it with a smile and Thank God for it!!

You know what this means though......... yeah, it's got to be the start of a fire. I want a blazing fire to come out of this!!!

So, without further ado .... my May goals

  • Continue getting up early to spend time with God (prayer and the Word) 
  • Journal every day staying within points/calories (I know this won’t always happen, but I really need to clean up my eating to get anywhere, so I NEED to get serious about it) 
  • Drink 100 oz of water
    Get back and stay on my 10k running training schedule 
  • 5 days of exercise (whether it’s at the gym or at home, not including my runs) 
  • JM 30 day Slimdown 
  • Lose 8lbs and/or drop a size 

Have you made goals for May yet??

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Here I am again....

It's really been a long time since I posted anything. I'm ashamed of it too. Not just my lack of blogging, but my lack of losing weight, and what's worse, REGAINING weight. Little by little I'm up nearly 15lbs from my lowest. Am I mad, yep. Disgusted, yep. Giving up, nope. I start new every day...some days I do great, and the next may slip and fall...but I keep trying. The end of 2011 up until now has been dramatic to say the least. I shouldn't and can't use it as an excuse, but deep down it is. There should be NO excuses. But unfortunately I have used what happened in my life the past few months as an excuse. I'm finally ready to put the excuse down and move forward. I just reread my goals and plans for 2012. I have some major slack to pick up, but all is not lost!!! I'm excited. Tonight I'm working on a challenge for myself to help jumpstart me. I have started reading a few new blogs, and that has inspired me to get back into blogging and this in general. I'm not a great writer like they all are, but this to me is like a diary and will help me get it out, and hopefully keep me accountable!!!! Tomorrow my challenge/goal for the month of May!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012 - a new year...a new me

I read the other day that an aide in losing weight was to blog. So, that's what I intend to regularly. Maybe not every single day, because I'm not exactly a great writer, like so many blogs I do read. But, I want this to hold me accountable to myself, and to others maybe that might be reading my blog.

It's a new year...and time for a new me. My life is changing drastically, and soon it will just be me and my 2 boys. I'm healing from that, and now is the best time to take care of me. I have several goals and plans for 2012 for my new life, one that most definitely includes God in my life, and the healing He will do.

So, without further ado...

GOALS / PLANS for 2012 (in no particular order)

Train and run a 1/2 marathon (or 2)
Sign up for the Transformation Challenge
Read the Bible - every day (I'm already behind in this)
Organize my house, declutter, decorate it to my style
Take my boys camping this summer
Get my finances in order, and snowball some debt out of the way
Save for Christmas
Visit more with my girlfriends (once/month)
Visit with my cousins (once/month)
Call or visit my Grandma (once/month)
LOSE 40lbs
Blog regularly
Learn to eat clean - fuel for body!!