Thursday, August 2, 2012

Catch Up

So wouldn't you know the that when I get the swing of things (posting blogs, taking pics, on track, etc) something always has to put a wrinkle in my plan.  I ended up getting sick sick the past few days.  This meant my 1/2 marathon training that was to start Monday got pushed back.  Means EVERYTHING got pushed back actually.  I felt so horrible.  But, I'm on the mend...and tonight hoping to push out 3 miles.

Speaking of 3 miles...I did the Color Run on Saturday.  Wow!!!  The best stinking 5k experience of my life!  Total craziness and a complete BLAST!!!!  It lives up to it's name as the "happiest 5k on the planet"!!!  LOVED every second of it...and yea, I'm saying that about RUNNING!!!!

Let's be reminded that it's the first official run in several weeks.  I can't really remember the last time I ran.  Probably within the month...but when, I dunno.  And it was only 2 miles.  So yeah...I'm stinking behind and slacking. 

Today was my weigh day.  Sigh.  I stayed exactly the same....  170.6.  Puke!!!  But, I suppose the bad eating choices, being sick and drinking 7-up, etc etc etc etc etc and every other excuse is why.  And that's just it ladies and is EXCUSES.    Time to crack the whip!!!!!! 

Oh, and yeah I know I missed the MIL Monday, which will be my "before" pictures... will post them next Monday since I was out most of this week. 

Last Week (7/26/12) 170.6
This Week (8/2/12) 170.6

Pictures from The Color Run

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