Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Here we go again....

I never seem to have time to write... I know it's crazy.  Okay, so maybe it's not always time I don't have...but rather I'm embarrassed of the lack of progress.  Sigh.  I'm still at the SAME weight.  I'm stuck so bad it's killing me.  Well, not literally - or maybe - but emotionally I'm drowning.


I'm starting fresh now, and for myself.   I joined the Kelsey Byers Labrada Challenge this week, and here's my meal plan for the week:

M1: oats, pb2, veggie egg "muffins" (with salsa)
M2: carrot cake protein bars (Jamie Eason), fruit (pear, apple, banana)
M3: Brown Rice Medley (Minute Rice) plus salsa, california blend, roasted chicken breast
M4: 1/2 c cottage cheese, fruit, light string cheese
M5: Slow cooker taco "soup" (that isn't too soupy this time), sweet potato (1/2), veggie
M6: Hardboiled egg whites

Yes, this looks like A LOT of food...and yes, eating it is A LOT of food....but, because it is mostly (very mostly)'s healthy and low calorie and GOOD FOR YOU!!! Literally ...this close to 1300 calories.

Within the next few days I plan on posting meal pictures, measurements, and possibly my bikini pictures.  We'll see....  ;)