Friday, July 29, 2011

Day 1 Update

After my blog yesterday something started to turn inside me...and yes, something began to click. I got my hand-dandy phone out and started texting 2 of my good friends to help get me motivated. And that's just the key...helping each other out. I'm happy to report that it was successful, and so thankful to have text both my girls! It is the plan to continue, so that we can always keep each other in check!!!

Here is my points update:

22pts/day - I used my AP's and a FP but still within! (25-2-1)- 1pt
Eat 7 - 10 freggis/day (7)- 1pt
Drink minimum of 80 oz h20 (100) - 1pt
Journal - 1pt

Workout ran laps at track and ran bleachers - 1pt
Earn enough AP to support healthy eating - 1pt
Start training for 1/2 marathon (running) - 1pt

EXTRAS: 3pts
Get at least 7hrs sleep (7hrs) - 1pt
Blog regularly (yesterday!) - 1pt
Email/Twitter/FB/Txt friends for support/accountability (Heather & Sarah) - 1pt

TOTAL: 10pts!! Met my goal of 10 - 14pts/day

Now here's to another day!! :)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Does it ever just "click"

Yeah, yeah...I know. So much for blogging regularly right?! And you know what that also means, yeah...haven't been on track what-so-ever. I just never give up though, so today starts fresh again. Thinking that maybe a daily points thing might work better. So, with my goals I posted a few weeks ago, I will get points for each of them that I complete each day. Earning 10-14pts/day is the goal. I'm going to go fill up my calendar days with little smiley faces for every one! Oh I feel like I'm in school again!! Hoping this little "incentive" works.

Honestly, I know what to do...I have done it for a long time. It's the figuring out WHY I'm NOT doing it...why won't it just "click" into place again.

Perfect 10 SW ~ 157.8
7/7/11 WI ~ 164
7/14/11 WI ~ None on vacation
7/21/11 WI ~ 165.2
7/28/11 WI ~ 164.8

Thursday, July 7, 2011

How to do it...

It's been a long time since I really laid out some goals. Both fitness and body. I know it's easy to say "yeah, I wanna lose 30lbs and be at goal weight". But honestly I have finally figured out there is much more than that. Not only do I want to lose those last 30'ish pounds, but I also want to be in SHAPE. Be tone, and feel GREAT about myself. Right now I'm far from that. I feel horrible and defeated. To reach my goals I know that this list is important

22pts/day and re-figure when weight is lost
Eat 7-10 freggies/day
Drink a minimum of 80oz h20/day
Allow ONE PI (Planned Indulgence) meal and TWO PI snacks / week
Produce with protein
Breakfast like a queen, lunch like a princess, dinner like a peasant


Workout 5-6 days/week (even if only 15 mins!)
Earn enough activity points to support my healthy eating
Bump up to 15 pushups at a time (currently at 10)
Be able to do a pull up (this requires PRACTICE Mandie)
Play at the playground to get myself in shape for Warrior Dash next month
Start training for 1/2 marathon in November (RUN!)

Get at least 7hrs of sleep/night
Monthly measurements and pics
Blog regularly

I will re-evaluate this in 2 months

Today that stops

Every weigh day comes with dread because I know I haven't done my best. Today that stops. I managed to lose .2 lb, after a big 4lb gain last week. When I try and figure out what the heck is wrong with me, WHY, knowing how unhappy I am with my weight, I draw a blank. Today that stops. Weekends have always been the blame, but when the weigh day has changed to later in the week and you still have a crappy weigh in, weekends aren't the only things messing me up. Today that stops.

Today I restart Weight Watchers (the old points). In the past I have lost 75lbs. I'm up 10lbs from my lowest, and gradually that 10lbs has creeped on. I have been focusing on calories, using sparkpeople, making sure my protein intake has been good. Today though I will still use sparkpeople for support, encouragement, I will restart my paper journals for WW. IT WORKS for me!!! I don't know why the calorie counting DOES NOT...but it honestly just DOES NOT.

Today I make that commitment to change. I will still eat healthy clean foods, watch my protein intake, and exercise like I have been (and more)... but today I feel comfortable knowing I will succeed with WW.

Perfect 10 SW ~ 157.8
7/7/11 WI ~ 164 (BLAH)