Thursday, July 7, 2011

Today that stops

Every weigh day comes with dread because I know I haven't done my best. Today that stops. I managed to lose .2 lb, after a big 4lb gain last week. When I try and figure out what the heck is wrong with me, WHY, knowing how unhappy I am with my weight, I draw a blank. Today that stops. Weekends have always been the blame, but when the weigh day has changed to later in the week and you still have a crappy weigh in, weekends aren't the only things messing me up. Today that stops.

Today I restart Weight Watchers (the old points). In the past I have lost 75lbs. I'm up 10lbs from my lowest, and gradually that 10lbs has creeped on. I have been focusing on calories, using sparkpeople, making sure my protein intake has been good. Today though I will still use sparkpeople for support, encouragement, I will restart my paper journals for WW. IT WORKS for me!!! I don't know why the calorie counting DOES NOT...but it honestly just DOES NOT.

Today I make that commitment to change. I will still eat healthy clean foods, watch my protein intake, and exercise like I have been (and more)... but today I feel comfortable knowing I will succeed with WW.

Perfect 10 SW ~ 157.8
7/7/11 WI ~ 164 (BLAH)

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