Thursday, July 7, 2011

How to do it...

It's been a long time since I really laid out some goals. Both fitness and body. I know it's easy to say "yeah, I wanna lose 30lbs and be at goal weight". But honestly I have finally figured out there is much more than that. Not only do I want to lose those last 30'ish pounds, but I also want to be in SHAPE. Be tone, and feel GREAT about myself. Right now I'm far from that. I feel horrible and defeated. To reach my goals I know that this list is important

22pts/day and re-figure when weight is lost
Eat 7-10 freggies/day
Drink a minimum of 80oz h20/day
Allow ONE PI (Planned Indulgence) meal and TWO PI snacks / week
Produce with protein
Breakfast like a queen, lunch like a princess, dinner like a peasant


Workout 5-6 days/week (even if only 15 mins!)
Earn enough activity points to support my healthy eating
Bump up to 15 pushups at a time (currently at 10)
Be able to do a pull up (this requires PRACTICE Mandie)
Play at the playground to get myself in shape for Warrior Dash next month
Start training for 1/2 marathon in November (RUN!)

Get at least 7hrs of sleep/night
Monthly measurements and pics
Blog regularly

I will re-evaluate this in 2 months

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Heather & Chaos said...

I think those are GREAT goals!! I'm gonna do the same!