Friday, July 27, 2012


Yea, stupid pictures...they speak a thousand words.  And for once, I don't want negative words anymore!  LOL!!!  So last night, like I promised I was taking some before pictures...  BUT, before I do, I thought it would be share some even worse ones!!!  I will post the pictures I took last night, in my swimsuit - puke, on Monday....It will be my first MILF Monday!!!!!

 1991 - Soph in High School Probably 140'ish

 Christmas 1999 - Probably close to my highest 230+

Summer 2001 - Another BIG one...220+

Since those pictures I have dropped 75'ish pounds...up and down, up and down.  My lowest was 153...and I"ll share more pictures later.  Since then (2010) I have regained 17'ish pounds.  Talk about STUPID!!!  And in my's just 5lbs heavy.  It's normal to fluctuate... until I saw THIS PICTURE....

The picture last week that made me re-evaluate myself - 170
Ugh...see those rolls?  My arms look so fat.  But at least my little guy is looking handsome sportin that mohawk!!!  (yes, I'm the one in the teal shirt...UGH!)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

And the fun begins (again?)

I figured it was time to finally update this blog.  (actually thinking of deleting old posts???)

Life threw curves in my straight and narrow path.  But that's okay, because I'm a woman, and I'm a mother and I can deal with it!!!!  I am divorced, for the 3rd stinking time ( judgments y'all!), and have been dating causally - which quite frankly sucks arse and I hate every second of it!

I was supposed to be DONE with dating.  I've got my kiddos, now where the hell is that husband of mine?  Oh yeah...that's right - he just wasn't happy anymore, or in love with me.  Phesh...whateva.  (let's also add in here that he admitted to not being attracted to this fatty.....sigh).  It's okay, it really is.  We are great friends (best?) and I'm thankful we can end on such great terms.  It's his really is.  But you can't make someone love you ladies, no matter how freakin hard you try (and I did...I tried my heart out!).

So....  I've been upping and downing in my weight for a little more than year, I can give you all the excuses in the world...stress, Christmas, divorce, kids, blab blah blah...but they are just that...friggin excuses.  And I'm finally done!

I plan to use this blog as a resource to vent out my life's joys, obstacles, detours, not only with weight loss, but also 1/2 marathon training, raising 2 boys as a single Momma. and of course, the dating game - ugh. 

Join me in this quest to lose 40lbs the healthy way (once and for all)!!!  With a 1/2 marathon in sight (October 2012) I've got to get my focus on.  I've been inspired and motivated by a freaking hilarious gals blog,  Mama Laughlin (stop what you're doing, put down the cookies and go check it out!!!).  I plan to do similar things as her, like MILF Monday, and share some recipes here and there...PLUS take pictures in 10lb increments.  Uh...with that being said guess I need some before shots and measurements.  Puke.  Will do tonight and post tomorrow!

Day 1..........