Thursday, July 28, 2011

Does it ever just "click"

Yeah, yeah...I know. So much for blogging regularly right?! And you know what that also means, yeah...haven't been on track what-so-ever. I just never give up though, so today starts fresh again. Thinking that maybe a daily points thing might work better. So, with my goals I posted a few weeks ago, I will get points for each of them that I complete each day. Earning 10-14pts/day is the goal. I'm going to go fill up my calendar days with little smiley faces for every one! Oh I feel like I'm in school again!! Hoping this little "incentive" works.

Honestly, I know what to do...I have done it for a long time. It's the figuring out WHY I'm NOT doing it...why won't it just "click" into place again.

Perfect 10 SW ~ 157.8
7/7/11 WI ~ 164
7/14/11 WI ~ None on vacation
7/21/11 WI ~ 165.2
7/28/11 WI ~ 164.8

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