Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sometimes the scale likes you...

I had myself talked out of weighing in today. I mean, it was only going to set me up for destruction, and slap me in the face right? The past week was HORRID with eating. I tracked everything I ate (WW points and calories in myfitnesspal) and I was over nearly every day...yeah. Oh and add I didn't/haven't worked out!

But late last night I changed my mind.

I decided to make myself some May goals (plans are good for Mandie) being to start the JM 30 day Slimdown. In doing that, I was going to need a starting weight. So, it's kind of like the book "If you give a Mouse a Cookie...", things just start reminding you of other things. So yep...I decided to get on that scale this morning. Beforehand I actually prayed about it! Now who does that?! I wasn't trying to make a deal with God by any means, just asking for some support. I envisioned seeing the 170's again, and honestly I deserved it. I was scared. I needed comfort and support from Him.

You imagine my shock when I see an actual loss. WTH?! I'm supposed to being seeing 3lb gain (maybe a maintain), so seeing a loss (.4lb) is just nutty. But you know what, even though it's an undeserving loss...I'll take it with a smile and Thank God for it!!

You know what this means though......... yeah, it's got to be the start of a fire. I want a blazing fire to come out of this!!!

So, without further ado .... my May goals

  • Continue getting up early to spend time with God (prayer and the Word) 
  • Journal every day staying within points/calories (I know this won’t always happen, but I really need to clean up my eating to get anywhere, so I NEED to get serious about it) 
  • Drink 100 oz of water
    Get back and stay on my 10k running training schedule 
  • 5 days of exercise (whether it’s at the gym or at home, not including my runs) 
  • JM 30 day Slimdown 
  • Lose 8lbs and/or drop a size 

Have you made goals for May yet??

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