Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Here I am again....

It's really been a long time since I posted anything. I'm ashamed of it too. Not just my lack of blogging, but my lack of losing weight, and what's worse, REGAINING weight. Little by little I'm up nearly 15lbs from my lowest. Am I mad, yep. Disgusted, yep. Giving up, nope. I start new every day...some days I do great, and the next may slip and fall...but I keep trying. The end of 2011 up until now has been dramatic to say the least. I shouldn't and can't use it as an excuse, but deep down it is. There should be NO excuses. But unfortunately I have used what happened in my life the past few months as an excuse. I'm finally ready to put the excuse down and move forward. I just reread my goals and plans for 2012. I have some major slack to pick up, but all is not lost!!! I'm excited. Tonight I'm working on a challenge for myself to help jumpstart me. I have started reading a few new blogs, and that has inspired me to get back into blogging and this in general. I'm not a great writer like they all are, but this to me is like a diary and will help me get it out, and hopefully keep me accountable!!!! Tomorrow my challenge/goal for the month of May!!

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