Monday, January 7, 2013

Weekend Recap and Weekly Goals!

Oh the weekends how you mess me up!  I had such awesome goals, and though I did cross off a few ... my eating was horrid (let's just say eating out 3 times does not equal a great weekend - sigh).

On the good side though, I was able to meal plan, and grocery shop.  I so wanted to take a picture of all the fresh yummy food in my fridge, and then the ex sends home a huge cake that's sitting smack dab in the middle of my beautifully healthy stocked fridge.  Blah... the cake kind of ruins the picture.  LOL!

I took before pictures, and oh my gosh.... I hope and pray that in a few months I am one of those people that post the before and "after" and there is an amazing difference, because what I saw (not in the swimsuit this time, but rather tight workout clothes) is depressing!!!!

Though I had planned to workout both days, I was only able to get in a run last night.  I'm actually pre-training for half marathon training.  LOL!  Yeah, I know...sounds weird.  But I haven't ran in forever that I have to get used to running again.  I'm not sure which training plan I will be using, either the Marathon Rookie one, or Hal Higdon. Anyone have comments??   So, even though I didn't workout both days, I did get in 1.  I'm happy about that.

Tonight I'm meal prepping breakfasts and lunches for the week... more of that Weight Watcher Garden Vegetable Soup... yummy!!!!  It's Monday, so I have a feeling there won't be much more than that!  LOL!  Dinner tonight is taco something

Goals for the week:

Drink 100oz h20/day
Track everything


Momma P said...

Before pictures are great to have! You will love the results to compare them to after all your hard work. Keep it up and way to guzzle some H20!

Mary @ said...

Those before photos will serve as excellent motivation for keeping you on track Mandie! I took my worst ever photo and stuck it right on the fridge door - that way when I went to get a snack it was staring me in the face!

Re Half Marathon training programs - I recommend Hal Higdon. I've been using his programs since I started running and can't fault them!

Well done you - keep up the excellent work (and ignore the cake in the fridge!)

Mandie said...

Thanks Mary!!! Though those pictures are HORRID, I know they will serve their purpose. Looking forward to seeing a change!

And thanks for the Half Training input. I believe the Hal Higdon plan looks the BEST!! Nervous as all get out, but excited to start training. Working my way up to it though! LOL!

Oh, and that cake, has not even phased me. I’m thinking the boys will allow me to pitch it in a day!! Holding my ground.

You’re doing awesome, love reading your blogs and all your wonderful updates!!! So proud of you.