Friday, January 4, 2013

Weekend plans

Well today marks day 3 of being back on track.  Yea, I'm like the rest of the world who decides to get healthy at the first of the year.  So what.  LOL!

Spin class uh... well... I may not walk tomorrow!!!  I was super stoked when I woke up and I immediately realized my quads weren't killing me, cuz then I knew I would be able to go to Spin class.  Umm...what's wrong with me?  Did I really say I was excited about going to Spin?? 

I made a few coworkers mad on my way out of the office at noon.  I knew I had to book it to the gym (7 minute brisk walk) to secure a bike.  I got questioned because I chose going to workout at lunch instead of attending the office baby shower for a coworker.  I gave money for the gift... isn't that enough?  Ugh.  Oh well, they'll get over it.

Thankfully I got to class in time to get a bike.  But none too soon, as there were only 4 left!  I knew the class would fill up, they always do.  Wasn't long we were pedaling our little legs off .  Totally annoyed by the 2 chics sitting next to me TALKING!  Really?? If you want to have a chit chat session, go for a walk.  I'm here to bust ass...not have to REALLY listen to the instructor so I can hear over your damn conversation!  Ugh!  I gave them several dirty looks, but they never got the drift.  All in all, it was a killer workout, and I'm so glad I went, even if I pissed off the office. 

The weekend I have tons to do.  Meal plan (working on that right now), grocery shop (Aldi's here I come!), dinner out with friends/family tonight, RV shopping with my parents tomorrow morning, workout both days (a run tomorrow?!), meal cooking/prep for lunches, etc. 

Whew... let's throw in that the EX screwed up the weekend by getting sick, and they'll be home.  LOL!  I know that comes out sounding all wrong.  Love my kiddos, but they make grocery shopping difficult.  And my run will have to be on the dreadmill.  Oh well.....  (WAIT ... Hold the phone, he just text and said he was sticking to the plan and getting them.  Hmmm....) 

Goals for the weekend:

Journal/track food
100oz h20/day
Workout both days (a run hopefully)
Meal plan, grocery shop, meal prep for week
Before pics

(Sorry...boring post, no pictures.  Gonna work on that next week. MORE pics!)

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