Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thursday Weigh in

Oh I know, I doesn't quite have the same ring as "Weigh in Wednesday", but I weigh on Thursday's... so has to do.  Unless I can think of a another title....hmmm....

Anyway, the wonderful news is I lost!  Woot Woot!!!!  I'm down 1.6lbs and super stoked about it.  #operationredbikini here I come!!!!  I worked out 5 times last week, and tracked the whole time (even the crappy food).  I use Myfitnesspal, as well as my WW app on my phone.   I think it worked well.  Here's to hoping next week is another success.

A short post today...but plan to do a bigger one tomorrow (maybe with pictures?!!)  These no pictures blogs are boring!  LOL!!!

Last Weigh IN (1/3/13) 179.2
TODAY at 177.6  -1.6

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