Monday, December 7, 2009

Weekend Recap

Wow...what a wonderfully busy weekend! Seriously! And I am happy to report I stayed on track! It's been a long time since I had a good weekend like that! Makes me look forward to tomorrow's weigh in!!! I hope it's good to me, I deserve it!!!

My Mom and I spent the weekend sewing! For my Big Boy's preschool class I decided I wanted to make crayon rolls to give to the kids. There are 23 in his class! Let's also make note that I wanted to sew at least 4 purses to give away as gifts...oh and I'm a NEWBIE at sewing! Last year was my first year, and I haven't sewn since Christmas time last year! GULP! I'd also like to note my Mom is a master seamstress, and has been sewing since high school. I'm thankful I have her, she totally helps when I have "problems" (so simple for her). Oh, and we had 2 toddlers (2.5 years old) pestering us too! My Little Guy, and my nephew. They made it "entertaining" to say the least!

My Mom cutting out the material

The Little Ones

Our first finished product!

My plans were:
  • Journal and be a good WW - EVERY DAY!
  • Drink my h20 - 80oz/day
  • Workout at least once
  • Finish 1 purse (Christmas present)
  • Purchase material and start 23 crayon rolls
  • Work on Christmas gift list
  • Finish Christmas cards
  • Paint fingernails
Here is my outcome:

  • Yes...I journaled all 3 days and was a GOOD WW!
  • Drank 80+oz h20 EVERY day!
  • Worked out Sunday evening!!! BL Cardio Max
  • My Mom finished 2 purses - while I worked on Crayon Rolls - I'm ahead schedule!
  • Bought, cut, and sewed 24 Crayon Rolls - DONE!
  • Christmas gift list is completed, now to buy!
  • All Christmas cards are addressed, will mail on Friday
  • Did NOT paint fingernails...and sure enough, this morning, 2 nails broke! ARGH!

All in all a GREAT successful OP weekend! So Proud and HAPPY!!!!!! Yesterday evening after dinner I took the kiddos on a drive to look at all the Christmas ligths. There's one especially I wanted to show them where you drive through it. It's amazing! I took pictures, but they did NOT turn out...they are too blurry. We'll definitely go again and hopefully I'll get better pictures!!!


Mrs.Ballou said...

What a cute idea!! My Mom is am amazing seamstress too, anything I try and sew either comes out great or terrible. I have no medium. :)

Congrats on a GREAT weekend! I am so happy for you! :)

Salina Lyn said...

Yay! Good job on the awesome weekend goals. I slacked on my nails too. And my eyebrows. Gotta do both. Yuck. :)

Heather & Chaos said...

I LOVE those rolls! Too cute! I am so thankful that when I talked to Connor's teacher she said not gifts. YEAH! One less headace. =)

Congrats on sticking with it all weekend too. So proud of you girl!! I hope you see a GReaT number on the scale tomorrow!!!