Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Weekly Weigh In

It's that time again...WEIGH DAY! The GAG challenge end is 2 short weeks away, and I still can't believe that. I'm kind of "sad" about it, as it has helped me stay on track and motivated. What will happen when it's over??? GULP! I hate that I'm not going to hit my initial goal, BUT I'm pretty certain that these next 2 weeks will help me hit the "new" goal I set. As long as I stick with it, I will succeed!

This week has been a good week, and I love them. They make me feel so proud. I have got back into exercising, journaling AND eating right. So this morning I had NO problems stepping on the scale. I knew it was going to be a great number!!!


Hmm.... yeah, it's a 2.6lb loss, but I truly expected more. WHY OH WHY do we do that to ourselves? How can one possibly be "disappointed" with a 2.6lb loss???? Ridiculous is what it is. I lost weight! But in my mind I keep thinking , "But I did so good! I even exercised 2 times a day some days, my weekend was kick ass...and all I lost was 2.6lbs??!!". Silly silly silly! I should be JUMPING with joy...as I'm doing the right things, I am officially back to exercising and I LOST 2.6LBS!!!!

Okay...I'm happy! I'm Happy....I"M HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What I accomplished last week:
  • Journal and BE a good WW (especially on the weekend!) - YES!!!!
  • Exercise 3 days - YES I exercised 6 days!!!!!!!!
  • Get desk clean - Ugh...STILL working on
  • Get 1 purse finished (sewing) - 2 purses were finished!!!
  • Daily vitamin - I think I forgot 1 day...but I'm not 100% sure if I really did forget it that day?
  • Make a new recipe - I made chili in the crockpot. It wasn't really a new recipe, but it was a different way.

What I want to accomplish this week:

  • Journal and BE a good WW (again, especially on the weekend!)
  • Exercise 5 days
  • Continue to get desk clean
  • Get material for 2 more purses and get at least 1 purse finished (sewing)
  • Daily vitamin
  • Take the stairs in my office building 3x/day for 5 days!!!


Heather & Chaos said...

So proud of you girly!!!! You are rocking and 2.6 lbs is NOTHING to be upset over!! You CAN and WILL do this girl!! Keep it up!

Annie, The Amazing Shrinking Girl said...

2.6 in a week?!?!?!?! That's awesome!! Don't let the number on the scale determine how hard or good you did. You know you did awesome this past week and it'll show not just on this weigh-in, but future ones as well.

Awesome job! I'm totally jealous!

Ladybug said...

Awesome job! Keep up the great work... any loss is worth celebrating. Don't beat yourself up if you think it should have been more. Slow, Easy, & Consistancy wins the race!

Leah said...

Definitely don't be disappointed. You are doing AWESOME.