Tuesday, December 22, 2009

GAG Challenge essay (Pt 3)

When I started the GAG Challenge, 16 weeks ago, I needed a fuel in my fire. I needed that jumpstart, you know, something to hold you accountable? I set a goal, and really wanted to get there. Unfortunately I didn't reach that goal...BUT, I'm not mad about it. I know that had I not started the challenge I wouldn't even be where I am today.

The GAG helped me stay on track. I knew I had to come in and report my weigh in every week, work on weekly challenges, and offer support o my fellow Gag'ers. That's right, you all helped me stay on track! Thank you! I have met new friends which equals new support that I need on my journey.

In 16 weeks I have learned more about me, and what makes this journey so difficult, and how I can accomplish what I set out to do. It's ME. I need to stop and "smell the roses" and make this commitment for me. The best thing is that I have never given up. It would have been very easy to just drop out of the challenge when the going got tough (or on weightloss in general)...but I didn't. I USED it, and moved forward, and I am learning as I'm going. I still believe the key in this journey is to live and learn, and that's exactly what I have been doing.

I would be very interested in another challenge, and honestly hope another starts soon. Now is a great time to get my focus back on (holidays seem to always de-rail me, and I HATE that), and finish this "race".

Thank you GAG!


Tricia said...

Great, positive post! Happy Holidays!

Christine said...

I feel the same way about GAG! ♥

And I totally need to get hot writing my GAG essay -- I forgot about it!

Merry Christmas, Mandie!

Heather & Chaos said...

Loved what you learned! It was definitely the fire you and I both needed! Now to just get us both back on fire!!! We will get there!!!