Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Gag Week 5 Challenge

I know, I have once again neglected my blog. Phooey!! I'm super busy these days with getting ready to start a new job and cleaning my desk off. Plus I try to blog at Sparkpeople since that's where I track my calories. Then I just space about blogging here.

The GAG challenge is going well. I should be doing better that's for sure. But I'm at least losing little by little. For this week's challenge we are supposed to look over our goals and revamp them if necessary. Okay, to be honest, not sure I even CREATED goals?!!! So, now is the time to do that!!!!

Nutrition ~ This is a tricky one. I know that nutrition is 90% of the equation. I'm going to focus on eating clean. I will still track my calories, but honestly I'm going to focus more on eating clean.

Exercise ~ Back into strength. I'd like to really push forward and aim for some GREAT activity, including P90x as well as running and other cardio.

But to answer the GAG questions....

1. What goals should you revamp? ~ I'm going to focus MORE on eating clean (less carbs), I need to really do better on the weekends. More activity, more structure, and even a hobby would be smart!!!

2. What NEW Goals should you add? ~ Strength...P90X! I'd like to be 15lbs lighter..

3. What goals, just aren't working? ~ I don't think anything here. I mean, I'm still working hard with my running, and eating right... it's just hard.

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