Friday, January 8, 2010

Snow Day and it's the weekend!!

Due to the several inches of snow dumped on us we had a snow day. This means...Mandie at home...all day...out of her routine (can you see the nail biting?). I was nervous for a SPLIT second, then I decided I would just keep myself busy. Hmmm...what could I do? The wheels were a turning in my head. I would clean our bedroom, a bathroom, as well as sweep and mop the kitchen. I had a plan!
Once I got busy, the wheels were flying. I remembered I had a carcass in the freezer, so I found a recipe to make my own stock. While that was cooking I found another recipe from here to make chicken noodle soup! Suddenly I felt in control!!

Lunch was some leftover ravioli lasagna (the whole family LOVED), and then the little one needed a nap. I promised my kiddos that we'd go out to play in the 6 inches of snow when he got up from his nap. I went back to my cleaning.

When the little guy got up, my big boy was READY!! The funny took us 30 mins to bundle up in layers to go out and play for 45 mins. But it was precious time spent together...and we were active and out of the house!!!!

The soup was a HUGE hit for dinner, and I definitely will make it again. Even the picky Hunney LOVED it!! You can see the super huge smile on my face right? I'd like to note that I am doing a pantry challenge, silently. I didn't want to feel like a out of place or whatever compared to the others doing it...even though I know it's just a personal thing... is that self-doubt I'm hearing here? ANYWAY...I'm doing awesome on the pantry challenge.
When the kiddos were in bed, Momma made time to do her Shred!!! Level 2 is STILL kicking my butt. But I love Jillian and this workout. But it tough! I'm seriously dreading level 3!
So, I'm proud to announce the day was a complete success...and it makes me confident that the weekend will be OK! I can do this!!!
Weekend Plan
  • Continue tracking
  • Drink 80+ oz h20/day
  • Shred
  • Take the boys to the library /nature center since it's too cold outside to hike
  • Clean bathroom and organize the kiddos dressers (update sizes...AGAIN)
  • Get herb garden started
  • Read


Kyle Gershman said...

Way to kick butt! You mamas really have your hands full sometimes.

I remember some health expert who said that is you just follow your kid around and do exactly what they do, you'd lose a ton of weight because of the activity level.

Of course, you can't follow a teen around because they eat whatever they want and plop in front of the video game...not ideal.

Getting Better and Better

Annie, The Amazing Shrinking Girl said...

Awesome job especially when you get thrown a curve ball! Hope you get some better weather soon! Sending you warm thoughts from Hawaii for now! :)