Friday, January 15, 2010

Weekend Plans

Just so you all know, I'm NOT avoiding my blog. For once! I'm actually totally on track and rocking...but busy and haven't had much time to read my daily favorites, let alone blog about anything. So...forgive me. But hopefully next week I'll have some more time on my hands and can post daily, maybe even a few recipes with pictures and such!

In the meantime, just wanted to throw out a huge thank you for all the comments on me being obsessed earlier in the week. I believe I'm okay...and she has issues. And honestly, it's ONE of the reasons our bff stats have been diminishing. I can't say it didn't hurt though...the things she says definitely stabbed me... but I'm a big girl and really...I'm over it!

Okay so it's the weekend, and I'm totally not nervous about it. Well...okay, MAYBE slightly because the Hunney's annual racers banquet is Saturday at ...gulp...the Ponderosa! There it is...the word of evil for us trying to get healthy and lose weight...shall I really say it???? B-U-F-F-E-T. Anyway, I'll try my butt off and REALLY make smart choices...I can do this!

Here's my

Weekend Plans

  • Track every day
  • Guzzle 80oz h20/day
  • Spin class on Saturday
  • Eat RIGHT at the Ponderosa, and enjoy the banquet
  • Shred at least once (I've been slacking on this because of the earlier workouts in the day)
  • Work on recipe binder

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