Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Weekly Weigh In

Yes, another week has gone by and I haven't updated. Argh! I don't know what my problem is. I promise, it's NOT that I'm hiding because I'm not OP. I'm completely OP and feel really good about it, so that's good. But, why I'm MIA here...well I don't know?!! I am busy with things, but still...I should make time for this. And I think I'll make that a weekly goal for this week!

So let's backtrack. This past week I have been FOCUSED. I've been really really trying, using all sorts of advice and digging deep within me to get the strength to do this journey. I've been busy in the evenings working on couponing (a new love of mine ... all in hopes to keep me busy instead of eating). And guess what...this has ALL WORKED! Yes, I am on a roll folks, and I feel really good about it.

Okay, okay...ya'll want to know the results of my weigh in right? Well this was week 4 (does week 1 count, since that's a starting weight?? I get confused with that) since I've rejoined WW...and if you remember, last week I had a zero loss. I was disappointed, BUT instead of being upset about it and gorge...it helped me stick to it. I also want to say that this was the first week I used eTools for everything. Using a "new program" I think really helped with my tracking. Oh yeah...my weigh in.....

I lost 3.4lbs this week!

You can see me smiling ... right?! Super stoked gal here! PLUS I earned my first 5lb star! Yippie! I've lost a total of 5.8lbs since starting! I'm very happy.

I also had a total NSV on Saturday. The Hunney stopped at Rally's for a bite to eat. I had already ate my dinner (Subway), but 5 hours previously (he's weird and never hungry at the appropriate times!). Let's just say that Rally's in the past has been one of my favorites, because I RARELY eat there (uh...more than 2 years ago I'd say). I so wanted something...but told myself I could wait to eat something when I got home in 30 mins, and that it really wasn't worth it...I have worked TOO hard this week. When Hunney bit into one of his burgers and there were onions and pickles on it (a HUGE no no!). So I had to get them off for him (he was driving). When I reached into the bag to get the other burger and fix it for him, there were 3 bag fries in there (I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about). I said, "well I'll eat these 3 fries". I ate one fry and about puked (sorry). It was GROSS! I can't even describe the taste in my mouth...but it was horrid. A cross between grease and dirt??? I dunno, it was just so gross I couldn't eat the other 2. The Hunney said he was SO proud of me!!! And really, I was proud of myself. My body just doesn't like that food anymore I guess! Yay!!!

At the WW meeting this morning the focus was on "are we really hungry?" And I can clearly say that a few weeks ago, I THOUGHT I was hungry 95% of my awake hours. After today's meeting (and I have lots more reading to do), I don't think so. I think it's just a habit thing for me, and possibly boredom. I have never once really admitted that. I've always said "Oh I'm ALWAYS hungry". And it was frustrating to me that someone would say "I have to MAKE myself eat, because I'm never hungry". It's clear time to learn the difference here...and I'm about to do it. I'm hoping I can reflect on some of what I learn from this with you all, because I seriously need to figure this part out.

What I accomplished last week:
  • Track every single day! - YES! (and I'm going to share a screenshot of my eTools for the week!)
  • Start back up on JM Shred (Day 15) - No...I just am out of focus with it...argh!
  • Get 4 folders off my desk! - No
  • Daily vitamin - Yes
  • Decide on the class I'm considering taking - I decided NOT to take the course...not for me right now
  • Read 1 day - Yes, I finished my Ali Vincent book!
  • Stairs at work 3 times ONE day - Uh...No...I didn't even do it ONE DAY! Geez!

What I want to accomplish this week:
  • Track every single day!
  • Exercise 5 days
  • Finish my weekly tasks for work (or at least get a huge dent in it)
  • Daily vitamin
  • Menu plan for February, using what I have in the pantry
  • Read 1 day
  • Stairs at work 3 times ONE day
  • Blog 3 times

Here's my first week of using eTools (I think if you click it will make it larger)


Tonyne @ Unlikely Success Story said...

What a great loss! Sounds like you had a fantastic week! Congrats! :)

Salina Lyn said...

WooooHoooo! Congrats on a kick ass loss this week. I'm so jealous. :)

Kyle Gershman said...

Well...when you post, you post in a big way!


Jessica said...

I joined weight watchers the same day as you at the same starting weight...weird! I just love it though! Keep up the good work!

Stephanie Michael said...

That is GREAT Mandie!! I got my first 5lb star this week, too. (I've lose 5.6 in two weeks) but unfortunately, I lost my star somewhere, dangit!

Anyway, glad to hear the awesome news!

Tricia said...

whooohooo Great job!

Annie, The Amazing Shrinking Girl said...

Awesome weigh-in.

And on a side note, remember you don't HAVE to blog a certain number of days a week. Keep your blog to something you WANT to do and just get on here when you can.

We love hearing from you but you don't wanna make blogging a burden. I made the mistake of doing that before and I hated blogging! But now it's kinda like 'whatevers, I'll get on when I can' and it works great!