Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Guess Who?!

Yep...I've totally been MIA! Can you believe it? I have no excuse, NONE. I thought I was doing really good too...totally was on track and then the inevitable happened - you know, life! I won't go into details, but it's female stuff, emotions = comfort eating.

With that being said, back to the old me...TODAY. I know you probably get tired of hearing this, but hey...I'll say it as many times as I have to. I MUST conquer this, get over that hurdle, cross the FINISH LINE!

Didn't make it to Weight Watchers today due to snow and being lazy. It's probably a good thing considering I'm certain I gained. Oh and last week I got an undeserved maintain. Okay...I know a maintain is better than a gain, but damn...I get tired of working my butt off and for NOTHING. So that was discouraging and started that snowball effect. But...today is new, the week is new...and I'm ready (yes this is positive self talk).

Here are my weekly goals :)

What I want to accomplish this week:
  • Track every single day!
  • Exercise 5 days
  • Finish my weekly tasks for work
  • Daily vitamin
  • Be prepared for the Hunney's birthday on Wed. Decide what I want more - cake or salsa/chips and only have ONE.
  • Read 1 day
  • Stairs at work 3 times ONE day
  • Blog 3 times


Weight Watchers Chic said...

Stay with it- Change up your food and activity. That is the only thing that works for me when I am "stuck"! I know the weather makes it hard- but get to a meeting- you will feel mor motivated and it's good to be around others trying to get healthy! Remember.... If you kinda do WW you will kinda get good results, if you REALLY do WW (tracking and all) you will REALLY get good results- I am pulling for you! Stick with it!

Heather & Chaos said...

I have to agree with WW Chic. If you really do it, you will really get results. We both know that! We do this again and again. But we are learning and I still say the winter is the hardest time because we are predisposed to wanting to stay warm etc. So glad you are back on track. I need to start making daily and/or weekly goals and maybe that will help me get back on track. Good luck Mandie! I know you can do this!!