Monday, January 11, 2010

Weekend Recap

I am sorry, but I only have a moment to post today. I really have a LOT I want to say...about my obsession (or not) with hopefully tomorrow I have time, because I'd LOVE all your input.

But, today has to be a shortie...just an update on the weekend. I will say that I'm anxious for tomorrow's first week's weigh in! I have been REALLY on track this week and working it SHOULD be a good scale tomorrow. Fingers are crossed!!!

My plans were:
  • Continue tracking
  • Drink 80+ oz h20/day
  • Shred
  • Take the boys to the library /nature center since it's too cold outside to hike
  • Clean bathroom and organize the kiddos dressers (update sizes...AGAIN)
  • Get herb garden started
  • Read

Here is my outcome:

  • I tracked everything, every day!
  • Yeppers, sure did thanks to my new water bottle my Momma got me for Christmas!
  • I Shredded Friday and Saturday, but yesterday I took a much needed rest.
  • Did not get the boys to the Nature Center of the Library...time slipped away TOO fast! Sorry boys!
  • I did get the master bathroom cleaned, but couldn't bring myself to do the dressers!
  • Herb garden is officially started and I'm anxious to see germination!!!
  • Read some of my Ali Vincent book as well as all of my WW material!!!
Hope ya'll had a WONDERFUL weekend...I sure did :)

1 comment:

Stephanie Michael said...

So does the library now have a nature center?! give me the info!

How is the new Ali Vincent book, I thought of buying, or borrowing the book!!

Good Job on tracking! It is helping me so much!