Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wacked out Wednesday!

Biggest Loser was awesome last night. I love it... it really inspires me. I KNOW realistically I can never (nor anyone I know) lose as much weight as these people do, but I LOVE seeing them be able to do it. I realize I have a life and burning 6000 is not feasible for me. I'm okay with that. These people NEED this change, they NEED this drastically...and look at them! Amazing progress already! WOOHOO!

Last night focused more on nutrition, and I LOVED that! Yes we all know that on the BL they get beat up by their workouts...but it's good to see that nutrition is important (MORE). I learned a lot, and honestly loved the little advertisements with Ziploc and the protein powder. I know for a fact I don't get enough protein in daily, UNLESS I use my powder, and I firmly believe it will HELP the weightloss.

Anyway...good show, and I look forward to next weeks episode. Oh, and I'd also like to note that even though I skipped out on the gym yesterday (ugh) I still made myself ACTIVE for the last 30 mins of BL. I walked, jogged, kicked, punched, and all sorts of other sweat producing moves all while watching TV! I was so sweaty I had to take a shower afterwards! Yay me!!!

Sooo, here's my journal picture from yesterday (Tuesday). Over by 56 cals. MUCH BETTER!


Heather & Chaos said...

You use protein powder??? I never thought to. Do you think I should?? I've been seeing the Biggest Loser protein powder at my grocery store on the clearance shelf so it's kinda made me think twice. If it's there what's wrong with it? But maybe I'll look at the dates on it and get it next time i go.

WTG on being right on on calories! 56 over is nothing! Especially with your activity you did. YEAH!!!

Christine said...

What a great use of your time! I like to do 30 min mini workouts while watching TV and I think that doing it while watching BL is an EXTRA good idea. ;) Congrats on being active.

I need to reincorporate my daily protien shakes in.

RYC: I have two 30 pounders. My (almost) 2 yr old son is big for his age and my 5 and a half yr old daughter is a teeny little thing. They both weigh about the same. :D