Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Week 3?!

Um, yeah, it's already week 3 of GAG! I still can't believe that. Wow. Now is the time to get my butt in gear too! And guess what, I'm headed that way! I've had 2 successful days, and I plan on MANY MANY more!

So today Mrs. Sheila announced Week 3 Challenge, and it's PERFECT for me considering my weekend planned. It is Annie's 365 mile challenge. She has challenged ALL of us to help her get a total of 365 miles over the weekend (18th - 20th). I'm committing myself to 15 miles. Yeah, that's A LOT...especially with a weekend at a drag strip...BUT I need this. I need to step it up a notch and get back into it! Woohooo!

My good friend Heather (anewheather) won for percentage of weight lost this week! WOOHOO girl! CONGRAT'S on that...but watch out, I'm gonna bust my rump to take that from you next week!!!

With me saying that, um yeah...I've GOT to stick on plan this weekend. I know, it's only Wednesday but if I don't start planning it now...I will FAIL! (remember "fail to plan, plan to fail" - it's ooooh so true!). So my plan is to take the grill. I'll be taking light hot dogs, polish sausages and even splurge on a brat. But I'll get the healthy buns, and possibly even eat one without a bun if I MUST have another! I'm going to saute some veggies up on the grill to add to it (so I can get full!). We'll have burgers (veggie for me), baked potatoes, and I'm even going to get/make a veggie tray. The Hunney likes certain RAW veggies, so I'll be sure to get the ones he likes. I'll also take a watermelon from my garden! YUM! Will only eat out once. And I must JOURNAL and drink my water. The hotel has a fitness center, so I SHOULD wake my happy butt up early and get something in....but I'm can't guarantee that. Oh, and I'll need to get in my Hundred(s) challenge workouts done. JUST IN CASE I have my good friends - on the same journey - numbers and will call them when I want to cave!!! I have a plan!

Well, now for the fun/important stuff!!!

Day 1 Workout 1 Hundred(s) Challenge: Completed! I also did 20 mins on the Stepper.

and for all your eyes to see....yesterday's Journal ~ totally under my calorie goal by 4.5! WOWZA ME!!


Heather & Chaos said...

Aw! Thanks for the shoutout! And you better work it this week girl if you are going to beat me. =) Ok, so that's 5 miles each day for the 15 miles. YOU ROCK! I'll try but I don't know. I know you can stay OP this weekend. It sounds like you have a great plan!! CALL ME if you need to!

And WTG on the journaling! LOVE IT!!

The Amazing Shrinking Girl said...

Love the friendly competition, Heather!

Mandie, I know you can do it and be the 'BL' for your team next week. Doing this next week's challenge should totally help you there!

See you at my 365-mile Challenge!