Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Journal posting Sept 1, 2009

My good friend Heather suggested I posted my written calorie journal on here so I could be held accountable without having to fuss around with Sparkpeople, or whatever else. I don't have a lot of time to keep this hopefully will work.

Yesterday was an okay day. My goal is 1300 calories, figured by WebMD Assessment. I had to answer a bunch of questions and "it" figured out how many I needed to cut by my answers. ANYWAY....counting calories is semi new to me, as I've always followed WW Points. I just needed something "different".

My goal for today is to measure everything. Yesterday I guestimated, and we all know how that goes. So today is more structured. is my journal for Sept 1, 2009.


Heather & Chaos said...

Mandie I LOVE this idea!! It looks like you are doing good! I will have to post a link to my food journal for everyone to see. What a way to keep me accountable! Anyway, it looks like you had a good first day and I want you to KEEP IT UP!!

Mandie said...

You're the one that came up with the idea girlie! And yes, you should post a link to your food journal too! I think/hope it might help us stop lying to ourselves (me anyway).

dani31608 said...

I wish I'd thought of doing this before I made a pledge to go back to logging at The Daily Plate!

Great job. =)

Anonymous said...

great job with the tracking! i would have a really hard time counting calories. like you, i am a previos WW'er, so everytime I see a certain food I automatically think how many points it is, not calories.

Kate said...

I love my food scale. I put my plate on it, zero, add food, zero again, add more food, etc. Much simpler than measuring, when you can find calories lists that give weights. I use the tracker at, but this is a good idea you have! I've done WW too and like it also. Heck I've done EVERYTHING - lol! Have a great day!