Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Weekly Weigh In

I can't believe yet another week has gone by for this challenge...wow! It's going fast, and my weightloss is going SLOW SLOW SLOW. But, I'm happy to report a 1.2lb loss this week! Hey, I'll definitely take it! Now, if I can just continue to get ones like that, I'll be HAPPY.

Yesterday I wanted to try and FLUSH out as much of the weekend as possible. Eating my homemade, low calorie soup, drinking gobs of water, and staying away from sugar and too many carbs. Well, I stuck with my plan, but what I wanted to happen...didn't. ARGH! I even drank some Metamucil and worked out hard at home for 30 mins. Nope...I'm still sitting here pretty miserable. Hmmm...thinking I'll try an apple this evening!

I might have goofed though yesterday with my calories. I was WAY more under than I thought...and that isn't good for the body. But a few higher days, with a few lower days SHOULD keep my body guessing. I know I'll have more calories today, because I don't want the wrong thing to happen where my body is HOLDING ON. So...that'll be different today.

I also had a KICK BUTT workout at lunch today. I love working out at lunch...working out last night was TOUGH. Making myself do it for one thing, plus I went to bed right after...and it felt like it did no good. I know that's not the case, but you know how empowered I feel after an awesome lunch workout?! I didn't get that last night cuz I went to bed. Anyway, today I made up for it with 30 mins of spinning using Cardio Coach ; and then did some wogging - a total of 50 mins of interval training. Yay me :)

So here's to a kick butt week with eating and exercising!!! I'm feeling the power again!

Journal 9/28


Heather & Chaos said...

So glad you are feeling it again girl!!! I so wish I could exercise at lunchtime. I may start doing walks at lunch on days I can't exercise. I only get 30 min lunches but I can eat at my desk. I do anyway! So I think that will be the plan as the weather cools down. =) So glad you are feeling it!!!!

Anonymous said...

What kind of exercise do you do at lunch? I have been thinking about working out at lunch because I live freakishly close to work, but I'm afraid that I will get sweaty. Once cooler weather comes around, I guess I could go walking on my break. 1.2 pounds is great, congrats!

lyricgirl said...

Great job on your weight reduction. I love working out at lunch as well. Tuesday and Thursday I take weight lifting and Wednesday Yoga all during my lunch break. My employer encourage it. Continue on your way!