Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hundred(s) Challenges

Ya'll ready for this... I have decided to try the Hundred(s) Challenges! GULP! I did my initial testing today at the gym (despite worrying about being embarrassed), and it wasn't TOO bad.

Here are my results ~

Two Hundred Situps (Crunches) - 50 (I probably would have done more if I just PUSHED a little harder)

Two Hundred Squats - 50 (whew...this got my heart beating and my legs burning!)

One Hundred Push ups - 16 (yeah, wimpy! But at least they are the "real" kind, and not girlie! yay me!)

The goal is to get these up to 200/100 in 6 weeks following the exercise plan provided. This should be a great workout!!!!!!


dani31608 said...

Great start. You'll reach your goal in no time.

Heather & Chaos said...

I'm gonna do this too eventually. LOL! Just give me time to get in a workout routine.

You go girl with your 16 "man" push ups. I can't even do 1!! So don't fret. =)

Anonymous said...

you are already kicking butt! I know that you will be able to meet your goal!

Laurie said...

16 "real" pushups is NOT wimpy! That's great!! :)

Christine said...

Good luck on your hundreds challenges!!! You will do great!