Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday Monday

Well, this weekend was totally uneventful and I realized I need MORE activity on the weekends...especially if I tend to eat a little more lax. So that's DEFINITELY my goal for the coming weekend. MORE activity!!!!!

I spent this weekend on the couch/recliner watching movies. Not just little know the 4 hour ones like Dances with Wolves, Wyatt Earp, ....and then yesterday on with The Rock, and Gone in 60 Seconds. Yes, I'm a sucker for Kevin Costner, Sean Connery and Nicholas Cage - these are my 3 all-time favorites!!! So I didn't do much except watch movies, played with the boys, fixed lunches and dinners, laundry here and there, and dishwashing. :) I don't get many of I'll take it.

This also means I was at home being way too lax on my eating part....argh! Hopefully when tomorrow comes though it's still nice to me. Today I'm guzzling my water, and eating my homemade veggie soup and lots of produce to hopefully wash out some of the weekend! hehe! I'll also be sure to get in a good workout this evening. Couldn't go at lunch today because the Hunney called to say the step-son (whom lives in another county) was headed to our high school to play in a tennis match... so I'm heading out early to catch it. BUT that workout will come tonight!!!

I've decided to make some weekly goals.... here they are :)

  • Journal
  • Aim for 1300 calories (23 pts) / day
  • Exercise 30mins/day 5x/week
  • 12,000 steps/day weekdays
  • 10,000 steps/day on the weekend (MORE ACTIVITY ON WEEKEND)
  • Eliminate sugar
  • Start eliminating/saying no to more uneccesary carbs - since they are a trigger for me

I'm thinking these are REASONABLE...and should be a good way to get closer to goal!

Okay, so here's my ugly journal from the weekend!

Friday 9/25

Saturday 9/26

Sunday 9/27


Nancy said...

I love Kevin and Nicholas :) Enjoy your water; I am trying to guzzle too! I had lost a pound earlier in the week, but I think it found me this weekend.

Heather & Chaos said...

Yeah I think my Saturday and Sunday was WORSE than yours. =( I really need to put a link to my food on sparkpeople on my webpage. Will do that now. ;) Let's get back to basics. We can do this Mandie!!!

Anonymous said...

I think Sean Connery is going to be my second husband! :) I love your goals... I wish I could eliminate sugar but thats a toughie. I know you can do this Mandie!

lyricgirl said...

Great way to set your goals. I like to get my exercise over so I head to the gym everyday very early to get my cardio and weight lifting in. Once that is over my day is free to do whatever. Also, think about setting some food boundaries. If after eating you have to ask yourself "why did I eat that?" that should be on your boundary list. Good luck and stay strong!

Nancy said...

Great Weigh In this week! Way to go Mandie.