Friday, September 25, 2009

Week 4 Challenge Survey

Week 4 Challenge Survey

1. Do you feel your eating habits that ended you into this challenge are a direct result of habits formed during childhood? (Please explain)

Slightly. I mean I was always taught to clean my plate, because there were starving children in other countries. I was given my brother's leftovers too... And my Mom is the BEST cook ever. She's never had a weight problem, so she never focused on "healthy". It was just homecooked GOODNESS!!! I started dieting while I was a sophomore...and here I still am.

2. Tell me about your living situation. Are you married? Kids? In College? What is your life like OUTSIDE of weightloss?

I'm a 33 year old and I'm married for the 3rd time in my life to a great guy. I love him to pieces and I'm thankful every day for the man, husband, and father he is to our kids. We have 3 sons (Jabin 16 year old step son ; Brody 4 year old from a previous relationship ; Tucker 2 year old from my husband). Last June our home was flooded and the town made us demolish (the home was 90 years old and NEVER had been flooded before). We moved in with my parents basement for 10 LONG months while our road to recovery/rebuilding went on. It's been tough for us...but we're headed in the right direction. I work full time at Indiana University...I have been there for 12 years!!!! My husband drag races every weekend in the summer, and it is our life away from life! EVERYONE in the family loves it!!!

3. If you were given a magic wand that you could use one time to do one thing, what would you use it for?

Ugh!!! What a HARD question to answer!!! I have to come back to this So now I'm back and I STILL am having a hard time with this question. I guess because there are personal things I'd like to fix, as well as family things. But since this survey is kind of about me...I'll use it as personal. I'll say I'd use it to have a breast reduction. My whole life I've been unhappy about that part of me...and I want it fixed!!! :)

4. What is your favorite thing about this time of year? Least favorite?

Favorite thing...the LEAVES falling!! Oh man they smell awesome and look gorgeous!!!

Least favorite...the winter approaching!! Ugh!

5. You have a day off, no responsibilities, so what will you do with it?

Sadly I'd be cleaning. Or out bargain shopping for the house! I'd LOVE to just be sitting at home watching TV on Lifetime all day thougho!!!

6. What is YOUR sin food?

Ha! Like I can pick just one. BUT, I'll have to say Mexican. I can LIVE on it!!! Potatoes are CLOSELY behind though... I like them any way you make them!!
7. Your in a foul mood, what lifts you out of it?

My boys. They can ALWAYS lift me out of that hole. They're so compassionate and try their hardest by letting me know they are there for me, even if it just means kisses!!!

8. Your in a good mood, what keeps you there?

My boys again! I love watching them grow up. They say the funniest things and make me smile from ear to ear!

9. What is one of your biggest struggles right now?

Finding time for ME...and knowing I'm worth that time. I go non-stop from the time I wake until I hit the hay...for the household. I literally do it all...and I feel so unappreciated.

10. Your motivation is running low, where do you find your refill?

Friends....WOW! The support I get from an online group of friends is phenominal! I couldn't do it without them! Old photos of the fat me!!! My all time highest was 233! I'm 60lbs lighter now...I feel like a NEW PERSON! So when I look at those fat pictures...wowowow...motivation kicks right back in!
11. Your in house support (meaning the people in your life that you see face to face) is beginning to dictate your weightloss journey by telling you your too heavy, or your getting too thin, but your not where you want to be. What do you do? How do you handle it?
I listen to their advice and seriously look at myself. AM I gaining weight? Maybe I am too thin? I re-evaluate my goals.

12. List me your favorite:
color: Purple smell: My husband's scent activity with your child: book reading every night Activity with your girlfriends/ guy buddies: talking and laughing until our sides hurt! way to relax: Ha! What's that? Reading a good book!

13. Where do you honestly see yourself at the end of this challenge?

I see myself hitting the goal I set. And back on fire like I once was not too many months ago. I see myself confident and proud!

14. What are your goals AFTER Gag?

Continue the journey to get to goal... using GAG as a stepping stone. I want to finally get to goal, and maintain it! I want my life permanetly changed...

15. How do you think GAG is going so far? What would you like to see done differently? (I must be asking for torture! LOL)
I love every bit of this challenge. It's truly what I've needed to get back in the swing of things! Nothing's just PERFECT! Thank you :)

16. Tell me all about your "typical" autumn weekend? Special activities that arise as well?

Racing is always in the mix of a weekend. Just vegging out with the boys is nice. We always have our family reunion in the fall, as well as a trip to the Pumpkin Patch, Covered Bridge Festival, 5K, etc. There is always MUCH to do on the fall flies by FAST!

17. Is there one person in your life, who you hope your weightloss journey inspires?

My Dad. He needs to deseprately lose weight...but we all know how difficult it is. I want to inspire him to get on the bandwagon too. Not just half on, and half off...but ALL the way on! Maybe if I get to goal and he sees I can do it...he will too.

18. How did you find GAG, and what made you committ to join?

My good friend Heather told me about it. I REALLY needed something to get my going I was in a biggest SLUMP of my life!!!

19. If you could nominate one BIGGEST INSPIRATION out of all your Team Gaggers, who would you nominate?

I'm still learning everyone and their journeys, since I'm BRAND new. But I would say that Sheila (YOU) have truly inspired me! WOW...look how far you've come, and look at what you've put together for us! WOWOWOW!

20. Please, tell me about you. What are your dreams? What are your desires for your life? What sparks the passion inside of you about your life? What goals do you have that seem impossible?
I just want my life to be happy. I've seen lots of unhappiness on this road of life...and I want for ONCE it all to go right. I'm tired of worrying about little things that though they matter...but realizing there is a BIGGER picture! I would love to further my education and DO something with myself. I sometimes feel so blah because I didn't finish college. I'm lucky to have the job I have...but I want more!!!! I would give anything to be a professional's my true passion. And one day I will justify that expensive camera and work on this dream!!!!


And here's my journal from Thursday. I was under my calories...I'm not sure how that happened...but I suppose ONE day isn't bad :)


Heather & Chaos said...

Don't forget to e-mail the survey to Sheila. =)

I don't think going under every day or too is bad. I think it helps to keep your body guessing what's going on. ;)

Anonymous said...

I LOVED reading your survey and getting to know you better! Some chicken and cheese casserole sounds wonderful, I should have came to your house for dinner!

Nancy said...

Hey Mandie, Just stopping by to wish you a great and healthy weekend. Nice of you to post your survey; I enjoyed reading it.