Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Weekly Weigh In

I lost 0.2lb ...I lost...not much, but I did. Yeah, I'm disappointed, but I deserved it. The weekend was really out of the water when I figured all my calories up. I'm over it...over the week, and now I'm focusing on the new week. That's that. Not a happy camper today...BUT I will make up for it next week!!!!

What did I do last night to prepare for this week? I made a huge pot of veggie soup....and I did 30 mins of kick butt cardio circuit training with bands and weights. I also started my Hundred(s) Challenges over. I was supposed to do them over the weekend, but didn't...so I'm counting yesterday as Day 1 over!

Here's my journal from yesterday (Monday) and the ones from the weekend, to be honest with myself.... BEWARE, they aren't pretty...and it's amazing I had any loss at all!!!







Christine said...

Sounds like you are all prepped for a good week! Congrats on .2 lbs loss, it's still a loss. Have fun with the 100s challenges, I love/hate them, lol. It's great to see my endurance improve. :D

Anonymous said...

you are set to have a great week! i know you can do it!

Heather & Chaos said...

I think I'll join in the 100's challenges. Soon. =) I'm glad you wrote it all out. It wasn't "too" bad. But I do have to ask. You went to Applebee's on Thursday. Don't they have a WW menu??? Mandie Mandie Mandie!!! Don't choose something that will taste ok today when you can choose something healthy that tastes GREAT AND will get you to your goal!!! Come on girl!!

Mandie said...

You're SO right Heather...and that was my PLAN. Then hubby decides he wants to have the $20 thing where you get an appetizer and then 2 entree's for $20. Guess what's NOT on that menu?! Yep...WW options. SUCKS. I HATE being derailed like that!!!

Oh well...