Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ouch and Love

I am happy to report that yesterday I finally made it back to the gym. It had been oh, nearly a month I suppose (strenght training anyway), so I really didn't want to go. But thanks to my coworker, she MADE me go!

It was weird walking in there, that's for sure. All the "regulars" were there, and honestly they were the people I didn't want to see. I felt all flabby, and unsure what to do. I HATE going to the gym without a plan. But, I got there, cranked my mp3, and did it! Really - I DID IT! I got myself focused, sweated like crazy, and you know what... I felt AWESOME!

I'm trying something "new" and "different" this month...15 minutes FAT BLASTING workouts. So, I did 15 mins of resistance training, and then 15-20'ish mins of high interval "tabatas". This consisted of jump squats, mountain climbers, box jumps (gulp!), jumping rope, jumping jacks, etc. WOWZA! It was tough...but it was worth it. I was so stinking sweaty I sent a "sweaty pic" to someone I stalk. Ya'll must check her out... I give her the credit for motivating me to get all sweaty. I'm SO THANKFUL FOR HER!!! Thank you Prior Fat Girl! What she has accomplished, and endured...inspires me. She keeps on keeping on...and for that, I love her!!!

Now today....I can BARELY walk! I'm telling you people....OUCH! And wouldn't you know that my favorite little coworker spunks up to me and is like "we're going today - right?". Ugh... are you kidding me, I can barely walk, and you're lucky I made it out of bed and to work!!!! But...okay...fine...if I must. Today I ran 2 miles, walked 1/2, did some ab work and lots of stretching. I'm slowly working myself back up to running...and hopefully in the next few weeks I'll get to start my 1/2 marathon training I want to accomplish in the spring. If I don't start training, well that mini is going to come QUICK!!!

So there ya have it...I exercised. I'm in horrible pain...but I love it! And I know after a week or so I'll be back in full swing and feeling like myself again. I HATE falling off that wagon, it's harder to start back up than even eating right. Well..maybe not! LOL!

On to something more fun....GAG! This weeks challenge is going to be AWESOME! We get to talk about what we're thankful for! WOOHOO!!! Let me just start by saying I'm thankful for this WILL be a fun "challenge". What I'm thankful for more than anything is my love and faith in God. He is truly what keeps me sane, strong, and ticking. I may not attend church weekly, but He is always in my heart and mind. It's so fun, because now I get to teach my boys all about God's Love and his Promises. It can be tough...because I dont' know all the answers they ask, but the one thing I want them to know is that God DOES hear their prayers and loves them unconditionally. Getting us to church is something I want to work on I don't have all the answers. I want them growing up with Gods Love and a church family. It's hard making those first steps though... Anyway... that's what I'm thankful for, always and FOREVER!

Ouch...gotta try and walk to the restroom...ouch!!!


Christine said...

You are MACHINE!!! No wonder you are sore. But you are gonna so be loving the results. Keep it up!

And church attendance is on my list of things to work on too. :S

Yay for gratitude! I'm gonna enjoy this weeks points challenge too. ♥

Anonymous said...

damn girl! if i would have done everything you did, i'm pretty sure I would be dead. you are doing sooo amazing! I love that good pain that you get from exercising. keep up the great work!

The husband and I dont go to chuch nearly enough. We kept saying it was because we were new in town and havent found a home church, but now we have lived here for over a year! oops!

Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

oooohhh..... in some odd creepy kinda way, I love the fact that you are sore!

NOW...KEEP YOUR BUTT IN THE GYM! Otherwise you'll be sore again in 3 months when you get "motivated" to do it again. Why not just stay in the gym regularly so you never have to go through being sore again?

You are doing awesome, keep it up!

Mrs.Ballou said...

What an awesome work out you had! I am envious! With my running training I feel like I never have time to just get in the gym and train. I need to make the time! So inspiring! :)

Salina Lyn said...

Yay! Congrats! Sounds like you successfully kicked your own ass. Good for you. Keep it up.