Friday, November 6, 2009

Weekly Update

My goal this week has been to journal and stay OP with my Weight Watchers points. Well guess what... that's exactly what I've been doing! It feels good...really good. I love feeling in control, and more importantly I know I'm going to love that number on the scale come Tuesday...I just KNOW it!

So okay...I snuck on the scale this morning (yes, I finally got it back in it's rightful place...home) and I LOVED it. I don't think I've loved my scale in quite some time.... so it was a good feeling. I did it in hopes I would love it, and then making myself work even that much harder this weekend to stay on track and be successful so that come Tuesday I will loving it even more!!! That is my goal, that is my goal.

The goal for the weekend.... hmmmm....well, of course journal and stay within my pts., plus I'm going to really try hard and get some sort of exercise in. This will of course depend on if I'm feeling up to par...but I'm hoping I will be!

Don't worry week I'll be back to my old self, no more sickies, exercising again and determined!!!!

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