Friday, November 20, 2009

Weekend Plans

It's that time AGAIN! It amazes me how quickly it comes! are my big plans. Tonight, movie night with the Hunney! We very very rarely go out, let alone to a movie - he hates spending the big bucks for it, plus I have severe hearing loss and even with the LOUD theater surround sound, I can't understand half of what is said (it's certain tones I can't hear...we watch TV and movies at home with the captions on...I know, annoying for most, but my family has learned to deal with it and it's the ONLY way I can watch and get what is going on. It sucks. This should be a friendly reminder to turn down your mp3 players and ipods! SERIOUSLY people, this is what caused my PERMANENT damage (although it was way before cool mp3 players/ipods were around).

ANYWAY....back to my weekend. We will hopefully grab some Subway for dinner and then hit the 8:15 movie of 2012. I'm popping and sneaking in my own popcorn (shhhh!), I've got the Twizzlers (gotta have them, it's a movie tradition!) and just enjoy spending time with the Hunney.

On Saturday it is craft day at my house with my Mom, 2 aunts, best friend, and a co-worker (possibly 2 friends of my aunt too). We are all preparing some good lunch food. I'm making a WW slow cooker recipe so I can stick on plan! I'll share the recipe on Monday! I've made it before, but I can't remember it all right now. I also plan to work out! I MUST! I really want to. The Hunney is going to a poker tournament at the casino, so who knows when he'll be home, so I'll probably watch some good movies while he's out!

Sunday I am meeting a friend at the Y to get some good friend time and exercise in!!!! WOOHOO!

The exercise is coming because I snuck on the scales this morning and was NOT happy when it read the same thing as 3 days ago. WTF?! I've been I dunno what's up. So, I'm kicking it up a notch and gonna get it to MOVE!

Weekend Plan
  • Journal and be a good WW
  • Drink my h20 - 80oz/day
  • Workout at least once
  • Enjoy Friday date night with the Hunney
  • Enjoy my Saturday with family and friends

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!! Eat less...move more!! Oh, and sorry about being quiet yesterday, I'm super busy working on getting my work done on my desk (a goal this week!)


Salina Lyn said...

Nice, sounds like you're ready to be that good WW you refer to. Keep it up, you're doing so great.

Don't worry about the scale, it's not a very reliable friend. ;)

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Christine said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Hope all went according to plan.

I have to use captioning all the time too. Low voices are the worst. I hate watching something w/o captions because I have no idea what is going on, lol.