Monday, November 9, 2009

Weekend Recap

The weekend has come and gone.... and after my several month hiatus of not being OP, I finally have an OP weekend!!! Yes, that's right ya'll...I DID! I journaled, and honestly made the RIGHT choices! I ROCK :) And for once I'm super excited about tomorrow's weigh in!!!! I just know the scale is going to be my best friend!!!

The Hunney and I packed up the kiddos, the van (well and his truck and trailer hauling the race truck) and went out of town to race on Saturday. This usually is the hardest part for me. You've been to a race track I'm sure...and KNOW the food that lingers at the concessions. We made one trip, I saw the prices, and saw they had no grilled chicken (only double greasy cheeseburgers, french fries, nachos, chili cheese dogs, and FRITOS). I bought the Hunney a double cheeseburger and asked if there were a McD's near by. Lol! When the kiddos and I got to McD's, I asked if they had a Subway in town - no. Well, okay...that means I have to eat something from here. Ordered the grilled chicken, no mayo, no value meal for me :) Then we went to the gas station and I bought some sunflower seeds, baked chips, lunchmeat and stuff for sandwiches later, and we were set! I kept myself busy at the track reading, playing with the kiddos and watching the Hunney race (he won by the way - yes he ROCKS!) We ended up pulling out at 9pm'ish...stopped at the gas station for gas and a diet coke (I'd struggle without the caffeine and a 2.5 hour drive home), and then he decided he wanted White Castle. When asked if I wanted something I - amazingly - easily declined! YAY ME!!!

Yesterday my Mom and and I headed to the fabric store, and then to grocery shop. I figured if I was buying healthy groceries, it were opt for her to do the same. I'm proud to say my Mom bought some Lean Cuisines! Hey, it's a start!!!! I brought some bagged lettuce for part of my lunch (yes we work together) so she'll have that too.

Honestly, this has been such an on track weekend that I'm SUPER proud of myself. I set some goals and plans for the weekend, and though I didn't get them all accomplished, I'm proud of what I did get done.

This next weekend is my birthday, and it is a "free" day I've given myself. I have given myself 4 days throughout the next 2 months. All other days I will be a "good weight watcher", I will stay consistent with my exercising, etc. :) 4 days...what a treat!!!! So Sunday will be a treat day for me! Am anxious about it, but know every other day will be on target!!!

Here's to a successful week!


Christine said...

You are totally rocking it on kicking temptation in the BUTT!!!! Congrats on a great weekend, congrats on being married to a great racer (congrats on his win), and enjoy those 4 free days cuz you are totally going to be rocking the on plan days.

Oh yeah, and that is so awesome that your Mom is starting to make changes too. I read you were worrying about her and I just couldn't think of any good advice. I love when my family follows my example, and I hate trying to figure out how to encourage them w/o being a nag. ♥

Heather & Chaos said...

I am so totally happy for you! When you rock it you really ROCK IT!!! So proud of you girl!!! Keep it up!!

Losing It- for real said...

Hey Mandie!

Thanks for the sweet comment! Awesome job staying on track. I really like your idea of giving yourself free days! we need that!

Annalisa201 said...

Holy cow, what a weekend!!! You rock! Keep it up honey :)

Christine said...

SUPER congrats on a kick butt weigh-in! ::in awe::