Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Weekly Weigh In

So today was that day we all know so well. You know the day when you wake up and step on that scale naked,....on off, on off, on off...just to see if that number changes?! This weigh in I wasn't for sure what to expect. I had my first official "free day" on the weekend thanks to my birthday. And TOM. All I kept thinking was "please say 166".


I'll take it. The 166 is there...and then .4 is nothing. As a good friend said, less than 1/2 a lb. With what I am working with here - I'll gladly take it. It also fuels me for this week. With TOM out of the way, as well as no free days planned I'm certain I can have a great weigh in. I'm aiming for the 2lbs I need so I can reach my first goal!

Let's review last weeks goals, and how I did.

What I accomplished last week:
  • Journal (at least 6 days since I have a *free day* with my birthday!) - Completed!
  • Exercise 3 days - Nope...only got 2 days in
  • 30 days of affirmations (I'm currently on day 4) - Completed!
  • Make 1 new recipe - Completed! (Green beans and ham in the crockpot! YUM!)
  • Paint my nails - Completed!
And for new goals....

What I want to accomplish this week:
  • Journal and be a good "WW"
  • Exercise 3 days
  • Continue with 30 days of affirmations
  • Make 1 new recipe
  • Finish the work on my desk (my personal goal with GAG)
  • Take my Multi-vitamin
  • Drink at least 80oz h20 (weekends I struggle)

Next week is Thanksgiving, so I'm giving it my all this week. I know that Thanksgiving is going to be tough as usual, BUT if I can do well before and after...I can survive Thanksgiving!!! BTW, Thanksgiving is my FAVORITE holiday!!!


Salina Lyn said...

I love your goal check in. Doesn't it feel good to do that? So liberating. :)

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday too.

Good job on the weigh in...especially with the birthday free day and all. Keep it up, you're kicking some good ass. :)

Leah said...

Keep it up!