Friday, November 13, 2009

Weekend Plans, Thank You's, Pictures and a Recipe!

It has come...the friends!!! We all love them, and we all sort of are afraid of them. The weekends becomes a time when we get out of routine, slip up, get off track, miss exercise, make excuses, and well GAIN WEIGHT. It's scccarrrry people!!!

But this weekend is different for me! I'm stoked! Well yes, of course my birthday is Sunday (Happy Birthday Me!), and the Hunney is treating me to a sleep-over at French Lick Resort and Casino! Yes, the kiddos will following along, but it'll be a fun time spent at the pool, bowling alley, and just "getting away".

I plan on taking our annual family pictures while there, and it is my first official "free day" for the holidays. Remember how I am allowing myself "4 free days this holiday season to not worry about points or tracking. I will be careful NOT to use those days as an excuse to eat everything in sight and go hog wild"? Well, my first one is this weekend! Woohoo! I think giving myself this free day will be good for me. I think it will help me stay in control, and I'm ready to give myself a bit of freedom to see what kind of choices I make.

Weekend Plan
  • ENJOY my birthday!
  • Take family pictures
  • Workout at least once
  • Drink my h20
  • Be a good WW 2 out of the 3 days (since I have a free day!)

Now time for some THANK YOU'S!

Thank you Jen @ Prior Fat Girl for posting my sweat picture yesterday, oh and your tough love!
Thank you Gayle @ Grocery Cart Challenge for all your WONDERFUL ideas!
Thank you Heather @ A new Heather for bringing me to the GAG Challenge!!
Thank you Kim @ A Transfigured Life for all your inspiration! WOW...I want to be like you!

I also want to thank my boys... for the cutest things they say!!! The other day I had on a dress (I NEVER wear dresses). And my oldest says "Mommy, I love your dress"! Awwww!! Even Daddy doesn't say stuff like that! When I put my shoes on (heels - which I again NEVER wear) he says again "oooh, and I love your shoes Mommy!". I of course didn't like how I felt and changed, and he says "but Mommy, I loved what you had on!". He's going to be a real heart throb out! Thank you Brody for being you and REALLY caring!!!!

And my little guy... thank you for being Mommy's little helper! From vacuuming, helping put the dishes away, dusting, folding laundry, and cooking (seriously!) he is every girls dream come true!!!! And let's not forget how sweet those smiles are, even at 2am when he needs to potty or wants a drink or can't find his blankie. Thank you Tucker for being SO helpful and loving...oh and sharing Mommy's love of OREO cookies!!!

And for now....last but not least, thank you goes out to my Hunney. Wow! Where do I even start!?! You are amazing all that you do for our happiness. Thank you for being you, making me smile and being the best Daddy to a bunch of crazy kiddos! We've gone through a lot in our short time together...but I wouldn't trade it for the world!!!

Now time for a Thanksgiving Recipe to share with ya'll! YUMMY! I got this over from Blog To Lose and I'm definitely going to be trying it! Portion control is one of my biggest problems, so all the help I can get...rock on!!!! Unsure of the nutritional count since I haven't added it to spark yet...but will do so. YUMMY!


Stuffin Muffins

10 slices Aunt Millie's Fiber for Life Light Bread ( or any bread where 2 slices= 1Pt)
2 stalks of celery, chopped( more or less to preference)
1/2 C chopped onion ( more or less)
FF butter spray ( I like Pam)
poultry seasoning
sage, thyme, Whatever seasonings you like!
Salt and Pepper

Saute the onion and celery in spray. Cover and cook until soft. Tear the bread into 1" pieces. Toss with the celery and onion mixture. Add water (or chicken broth, FF of course) while tossing until stuffing is of desired consistency.Not too dry, not too wet. Spray 6 cup muffin tin with Pam. About 1/2 C of mixture per well. BAke at 325 until browned. 1pt per muffin


Okay ya'll...that's all I have time for today! Hope everyone has a splendid weekend (not sure I'll make it back online)!!!!!


Christine said...

I love, love, love the idea of making individual muffin-sized stuffing portions! Cool, I might do that on T-day.

Have a wonderful Birthday Getaway!

You have such handsome boys. ♥

Annie, The Amazing Shrinking Girl said...

Happy early birthday! Hope you and yours have a wonderful weekend!

And you totally stole my Thanksgiving menu! I have a recipe for turkey meatloaf stuffing muffins!

I can't wait to try yours though! I LOVE stuffing!

Anonymous said...

Awww, I love all the pictures! Its so nice to see my fellow GAGer and your family members! That stuffing look amazing. Stuffing is definately my weakness during the holidays. I will have to try yours out- thanks for the recommendation!

Nancy said...

Your boys are adorable! Have a great Birthday weekend!