Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Weigh In ... or not.

Last week I was mia because my littlest one was sicky with a horrid ear infection. Well, wouldn't you know that on Saturday morning I awoke to my throat hurting. Took some meds, lounged around...ate a good lunch...and then a few hours later I knew I was sick. I still managed to take the kiddos out trick or treating with the Hunney...but I was miserable by the time we stopped and waiting in the drive thru of McD's (which I ate NOTHING). On Sunday I was no better and knew I had strep throat, so on Monday morning I called the Drs office (7am!). They got me an appt at 8:30, so I was thrilled. It was funny though...because the receptionist said "have you been seeing another Dr?", ummm no, I just don't get sick that often. :) They tested me for flu and strep. As I was lying on the Dr table, which felt like my death bed, I worried that they would come back and tell me I had H1N1! I even had to wear one of those masks to protect everyone in the office...I wanted to be sure if I did have it, I didn't want to anyone else to get it from me. Anyway, no flu (whew), but positive strep throat. They gave me an IV with meds right there and I'm on my way to feeling better.

The funny thing though is that Tuesday as we all know is weigh day. And I was kind of looking forward to it. I felt I did pretty good all week I wanted to see how good it was. But, wouldn't you know, I left my scale at work (we have a competition going on) and couldn't weigh!!!! So no weigh in this week. Here's to hoping next week is REALLY good!!!!

Here I am, still at home and trying to get better. I do feel alot better, but today I needed to get fully rested. That's what I'm doing.