Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Weekend Recap, Weekly Weigh In

I'm in a slump...and trying to claw my way out. Ugh. Do you ever just get so disappointed in YOURSELF that you don't know what to do?! That's me. I KNOW what to do...but struggle with doing it. I am good for a few days, and then crash and burn. Very disturbing. But don't worry...I'm okay. I always pick up the pieces and try again. It's really all you can do, you know?!

Okay...so on to the fun stuff.

My plans were:
  • Journal and be a good WW
  • Drink my h20 - 80oz/day
  • Workout at least once
  • Enjoy Friday date night with the Hunney
  • Enjoy my Saturday with family and friends
Here is my outcome:
  • Did not journal ONE DAY! Pathetic!
  • Totally drank some h20, but on Sunday I was short of 80oz!
  • Did NOT workout. On Sunday when I was getting ready to go with a friend I realized my gym clothes (and more importantly sports bras) were at WORK!!!!
  • Had a wonderful date night with Hunney and saw 2012!!!
  • Totally enjoyed craft day at my house with my aunts and friends!!! We had a BALL!
Totally blew the weekend when it came to weightloss. But, life isn't all about weightloss right??

So today...weigh day. Gulp Was not looking forward to it. Like I said, I'm in a slump. No exercise in 4 days and no journaling the same! SCARY STUFF!!!

I was fortunate to see a MAINTAIN. I hate it...but I will take it. I mean, I deserve it...but I still hate it. I HATE that I'm not moving the way I want to. I asked myself this morning..."Mandie, you've lost 50'ish lbs, WHY is it so hard to lose the remaining 30?!!" One day at a time....

On to goals....

What I accomplished last week:
  • Journal and be a good "WW" - only got 3.5 days in
  • Exercise 3 days - again worked out 2 days
  • Continue with 30 days of affirmations - missed 4 days
  • Make 1 new recipe - YES, french dip in the crockpot that was AWESOME!
  • Finish the work on my desk (my personal goal with GAG) - YES 75% complete!
  • Take my Multi-vitamin- missed 2 days on the weekend
  • Drink at least 80oz h20 (weekends I struggle) - Only missed 1 day (Sunday)
And for new goals....

What I want to accomplish this week:
  • Journal and be a Good WW
  • Enjoy Thanksgiving (Free day) and make sure I talk about what I'm thankful for
  • Exercise 3 days, even if it's walking!!
  • Continue 30 days of Affirmations
  • December monthly menu plan
  • Get DESK clean!
  • Have fun Black Friday shopping with Mom!!

There ya have it... not too happy today... with myself. Need to reread some blog posts I made when I was motivated and map out my plan :) There...I put on a smiley... it's okay. It's Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday! And yeah, I LOVE food. I just hate this is such a struggle. Really...I do!


Christine said...

Enjoy your free day on Thanksgiving!

And a maintain is better than a gain. Get back to business, girl. Great goals for this next week. And big congrats on getting most of the work done on your desk!

Glad you are staying positive and you are totally right about life being about more than weight loss -- the trick is finding a balance. ♥

Mrs.Ballou said...

I agree with Christine, it's about finding a balance. Think about 2 little kids on a see-saw, how many times do they go up and down before they figure out how to balance themselves and level out? :) You are doing what you can when you can and sometimes that is the very best we can do.

Happy Thanksgiving! :)

Nancy said...

Hang in there, Mandie! As long as you keep trying, you will eventually get there! Have a nice Thanksgiving!