Monday, November 16, 2009

Weekend Recap

The weekend is did I do?

My plans were:
  • ENJOY my birthday!
  • Take family pictures
  • Workout at least once
  • Drink my h20
  • Be a good WW 2 out of the 3 days (since I have a free day!)
Here is my outcome:

  • Totally enjoyed my birthday! One of the best yet!
  • Took family pictures, MAYBE happy with 1! argh!
  • Did NOT workout even once! Phooey!
  • Drank my water!
  • Was totally a good WW every other day!!
How do I feel about the free day?

Well, it was different. I felt very ... confused. Especially when the Hunney kind of gave me a look at the buffet dinner on Saturday night. (I used my free day Saturday night - Sunday morning so I could enjoy the buffet restaurant where we stayed). So I totally felt like I was cheating. I told him about my 4 day plan, and he even asked if that was "okay". Well, it's okay for me...because if I give myself these 4 day, the plan is that I won't need/want to splurge every other day during "the holidays". Does he get it...I don't think so. But this MY journey right?

So anyway, last night the Hunney says "I don't want you to take this the wrong way, but is there something I can do to help you with losing the weight?". I was surprised...and well honestly couldn't think of anything. I would love more than anything to include him in this...but I'm not sure how. Ideas anyone????

Hunney went all out and got me the perfume I wanted, and would NEVER buy myself (who pays that kind of money for perfume anyway?!!), as well as a Colts jersey. He was concerned with the size, said he didn't want it to be too small. But ALSO said that if it was, maybe that would help motivate me. He truly means well and wants me to be happy with myself.

All in all, it was a wonderful birthday. And can you imagine how thankful I am for such a loving and CARING husband?!!! WOW. Now, if only I can stick with this and show him what I'm made up. That I CAN do this! I want to do this.... (side note...TOM is here...and affects how I feel ... you know that BLAH feeling?!).


Salina Lyn said...

Happy Birthday! How great that you enjoyed it. Good hubbies are the best aren't they?! I adore mine too. Mine wants to be helpful too but there's not much he can do. I do ask him to do one thing for me. When I'm feeling down or having the monthly crazies and crave crappy food, he's usually the first to offer to get tacos or something to eat. So I asked him to just go in, look at the weekly meal plan and make whatever is on the menu for that meal rather than ask me what I want. And if he doesn't know how to make it for whatever reason, he can get me a subway sandwich like he knows I eat it. 6" turkey on wheat, no cheese, mustard only, and all the veggies except peppers.

I haven't needed to take him up on this deal yet but it's in my back pocket for the "what if" or "now what" type of situations. :)

Jessie said...

Happy Birthday lil' Mama! What a wonderful hubby you have, no doubt! How sweet was that of him to ask if he could help, awww fella! My biggest thing I tell my man to do to help me is to not talk about how "gross" and "disgusting" he thinks the food I make for myself is. I swear that drives me bonkers when he does that. :) Anyhoo, glad you had a happy birthday!

Christine said...

Hmmmm . . . how is my honey helping me lose weight????

He's attentive to my progress, asks for updates on what the scale said daily, offers verbal encouragement. Reminds me not to go crazy during TOM (didn't work this time, lol) because the scale goes up and I get munchy and I think "I'm gaining I might as well eat" and he says "You didn't gain, its water weight" and hides the scale. And sticking to the menu plan is a big one. He doesn't mutany against my healthy food changes. He also jumps on and off the bandwagon with exercise which makes it nice because it's easier to get my walks in when he comes with me instead of sitting at home watching a TV show I kinda wanted to see.

I'm glad you had such a great Bday and that you have such a sweet and supportive honey who wants to help! ♥

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had such a great birthday! Yay for helpful husbands! Sounds like you definately have a keeper on your hands!

Heather & Chaos said...

I'm so happy you had such a wonderful birthday!!! Yeah!!!! I guess the two things hubby could do to help me is give me time to exercise but I know that doesn't really apply to you since you do it at lunch time. The other thing he does is stick to my meal plan. If I have it up on the fridge, he usually won't deviate from it. It's when I don't plan that he gets frustrated and wants to eat out and I say screw it. LOL! Bad me. It's definitely nice that he is willing to help!!!

Sarah said...

I'm in the same boat with the "trying to help." I want DH to help me but I don't know how. More than anything I think I want genuine support. Sometimes it gets sticky because what he's geniunely giving me (with the best intentions) is not what I need at that moment in time. But I don't want to get frustrated with him because I can't give him specifics as to what will make it better. Its a vicious cycle in our house.

The best night so far was last Saturday when he surprised me by making an awesome WW meal for supper. It was perfect (and only 6 pts for chili and cornbread!)