Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Weekly Weigh In

My internet went down yesterday as I was typing my I couldn't report in my nasty horrible bad weigh in. I gained 1.4. Yeah, disappointed in myself. But know what caused it. Several higher calorie days too close to weigh in. Not only am I disappointed with THIS weigh in, but the way I've been going about this. I have been sitting still now for too long, even though in my mind I feel like I've been trying. Deep down I have NOT.

So yesterday I must also note that I splurged...thanks to being so mad at myself. I suppose it could have been A LOT worse...but seriously Mandie, not what you're supposed to do. Today is better!

Here's my journals

Monday Oct 5

Tuesday Oct 6


Heather & Chaos said...

Realizing your mistakes is the first step in order to be successful! You know what you need to work on. NOW DO IT!! And I agree - this challenge will really help you get back on track. Hey did you copy my page for the challenge? ;) ha-ha!!

Mandie said...

Thanks're the greatest! Thanks always for your support... And YES, I did copy yours :) Thanks for putting it up there, I always love your formats! hehee!